Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Art, quiet walks and Barrel of Monkeys

The world today doesn't make sense,
so why should I paint pictures that do?
- Pablo Picasso

So Christmas has come and gone for another year.
As much as I love the season,
I'm relieved.
I miss the old Christmases.
The ones we had
when I was younger.
Much younger. :-)
When everyone was still here
and the whole house smelled like cinnamon and cookies
and there were sparkly Christmas balls hanging everywhere.
When mom would let us decorate the windows
with thick, fake snow in a can
and we'd make paper snowflake decorations for the tree.
And we had been good all year,
so we just knew we'd be getting
that Spirograph set on Christmas morning,
along with Barrel of Monkeys
and Shaker Maker
and Trouble
and Monopoly!
And then dad would remind us
how poor they were when he was younger
and how all they ever got for Christmas
was an orange and, if they were lucky,
a thick pair of socks
hand made by my grandmother. 
And we secretly thanked GOD
we weren't born in that era and that we were getting
more than just oranges and socks. 
So yeah, things are different now...
We spent some time with family and friends,
spent some time enjoying wine
and chocolates
and music...
and there's always time for books.
I got a few good ones for Christmas...
Then just the other night, I went for a nice walk
in the town nearby...
After the hustle & bustle of Christmas,
it was such a nice, quiet walk.
Hardly any cars on the road.
As much as I love people,
I can only take them in small doses.
Especially the annoying ones. (wink wink)
The holiday "hubbub" is too much for me after a while
and I always look forward to my alone time again.
I was trying to get the reflection of the lights on the water
in this photo, but you can hardly see it in the distance.
Still - it's pretty.
We usually have lots of snow by this time of year,
but this year, it's been mild
and we got more rain than snow!
Not that I mind.
I've lived in the Maritimes long enough
to know that the snow WILL come - eventually.
Sometimes later than sooner,
but it'll get here.

Here's a photo of last year!
Dec 30, 2013!
Some would say it's prettier than grass,
but I'm not so sure...
I kinda like driving
on nice clean roads for a change.

Thank you all for taking the time
to be here with me.


  1. Beautiful with and without snow.Sounds like wonderful memories. They were simple and lovely then....love my Spirograph...even loved when my daughter was small.. Now is different, I am different...but it's fine that way...new memories are born! Here's hoping your New Year is abundant in good health, wealth and joy! Love your artwork as always!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Ah, I KNEW you had to be a Spirograph kinda girl! ;-) Wishing you a wonderful new year also Sherrie... and many satisfying hours at the drawing table. Take care my friend. xx

  2. Swirls on the packaging seems like a perfectly logical reason to buy lip balm to me!

    1. You know me well Michelle. ;-) Yes, swirls and dots are ALWAYS good reasons. lol. Have a wonderful new year! xx