Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winter is not a season
it's an occupation
- Sinclair Lewis
oh look! 
it's a snow storm!
So refreshing at this time of year...
(yes, i'm being sarcastic)
Schools are closed,
buses not running,
mall is closed...
(you know it's serious when the mall closes)
i may paint later on, but for now
i'll post what i painted last night.
you know you're at the bottom of the barrel
when you start painting money.
Our new Canadian bills...
super thin, plastic-like, & see thru.
Kinda like Hollywood's rich & famous.
not a masterpiece, but hey...
 i guess it was not my night...
started to paint this little bottle,
and then had the bright idea to use marker
for the shadow...
bad idea.
it actually bled through the thick paper
so i tried to fix it with white acrylic paint
 a thin coating...
then added colour over the white...
still not good.
it looked pretty bad
so i thought i'd try to fix it again
this time with using a dark colour for the shadow
and applying it with a sponge (instead of a brush)
when i accidentally dirtied the paper
(that vertical line just below the bottle)
Again - not good
Tried fixing it again,
by covering it with yellow & white paint,
dabbing with a bristle brush...
(if you can't erase it, cover it up!) ;-)
concluded it was just an "off" night for me.
We all get them, right?
So i saw this sign yesterday at a church on my way home from work
and it made me smile...
Please stop indeed.
I've been pressed for time lately,
so blogging less than i want to.
My contract ends in early May,
so i am currently counting days. :-)

Hoping you're all doing well
and finding inspiration somewhere in your day.
Keep your chin up.


  1. We got some snow yesterday too - what a year - we are officially in spring although winter doesn't seem to have taken the hint!!
    Be safe - that new money is cool!

  2. When I heard there was a storm coming in the east I thought that means Pauline might blog....Yeah....not about your snow...but Yeah a blog post from Pauline! Love the life metaphor on your paint mistakes..." If you can't erase it, cover it up!" Pauline Leger
    How many people do that with their life I wonder? It worked beautifully for your artwork that's for sure! Always good to see you here...sorry about your storms. My daughter saw some similar photos from her aunt in Nova Scotia... couldn't see a foot in front of them. Hope you are all cozied up for a few days!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I don't envy your snow, and I hope Spring realises it is supposed to be on the move and visits you soon.
    I recognised the portrait as the Queen (of course, to us in UK there is only one Queen, so we don't need to identify her!). Anyway, I recognised it before I looked down and saw the bank note.
    And the painting - well we all have days like that, and you conquered it in the end, it looks really 3D.

  4. Your made me chuckle! I know exactly how you are feeling, we just got more snow too! Nothing to shut down the schools, or to cause me to paint money, but still making us groan!

    I think you did a splendid job of the money. Good recovery of you shadow incident!

    I hope the weather turns around for you!