Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arrowroot, growing sons and Amr Diab

hello everyone!
Happy Sunday...
A bit of doodling and art
from the past few days.
The quote above says it all...
i sometimes feel like i've lost my bliss or my groove
when i go days or weeks without feeling creative.
But lo & behold - it always shows up, eventually.
Maybe that's what it's all about.
Not expecting it to be there all the time.
Not pressuring it to be there all the time.
i doodled this while watching tv...
can't remember what i was watching.
That's how important it was. ;-)
 i was obviously listening more than watching. ;-)
 i did this a few nights ago...
acrylic on paper.
in the beginning, i never know too much where it's going...
and then things start taking shape,
and i begin to see this or that...
here (above), i see a woman & a man
touching one another.
They are separate
yet woven together...
then i flipped the page upside down,
and i now see a mask...
then i flip it on its side,
and i clearly see a fisherman with a hat, on the shore,
fixing his net with fish jumping around...
(you may see something totally different -
that's what's so great about art!)
then a quick little marker drawing in my journal...
mom's cookies...
these always make me sad.
i don't know why i kept her last box of cookies,
but i did.
it sits on my bookshelf in my blue room.

and then this handsome little guy... :-)
my son, when he was maybe 5 or 6
with his dad's hardhat & vest,
reading a magazine & eating dill pickle chips!
 a simple black & white acrylic painting in my journal...
 a few more details here & there,
using grey tones for the face.
 added a bit of blue in the background only...
and a few chosen words... :-(
It makes me sad that he's grown up so fast,
but so proud of the wonderful young man
he has become.
As parents, we raise our children
in hopes that someday,
they will go out into the world with confidence,
and when they do -
we want them back with us. :-)
Such is life i guess.

Here's a song i stumbled upon and loved immediately.
i had no idea what he was singing.
You can find the english translation here.
Beautiful voice. Beautiful song.
Oh, and not so hard on the eyes, is he? ;-)


  1. This drawing of your son here is completely adorable. am genuine keepsake.. I know exactly what you mean about them growing up. sad and happy. xo

  2. Oh my goodness why did this post make me cry so much...but it did. Wow....I could see those three things in your journal page..

    Wow your son is so adorable!Mine turns 28 in a few weeks too!! Your paintings are always so amazingly good..

    The arrowroot cookie...oh what memories... I love them too and such a reminder of Canadian hospitals. Pauline you always leave me so emotional! You tied your whole heart into this one post so beautifully!

    I am so glad your little green bug is up there on ppf this week too....because I love seeing it every-time I visit there! It brings me so much joy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. There is always something in each of your post that touches me cause it something that I can relate I guess. I understand what you meant that they grow up so fast. I still feel so protective when I hear even the smallest problem they maybe having. I want to just bring them home and keep them close and safe from the world. Just like when they were little kids ... but of course we can't.

  4. Wow this is a great post. Your art is inviting and your son is a cuties.

  5. That portrait of your son is so adorable. Wonderful work.Happy PPF

  6. Super portrait of your son! I like your doodles, too.

  7. Wonderful artwork as always.
    And the comment about losing the groove is so spot on at the minute. x