Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th...

Something i wrote
a few days after
September 11.

in honor of the lives lost
and changed forever.

(sorry about the small text... you can read it below the video)

It has now been 3 days
Since the towers have crumbled
And lives were shattered.
3 days since the world
came to a stop
and the mourning began.
3 days since the horror
and the bravery
and the body bags,
and the ultimate loss
of freedom
for so many.
The destruction
is devastating to me.
The possibility that this
is only the beginning.
In the past few days,
we have seen the best
and the worst
of humanity.
I wonder,
If the terrorists are satisified
with having expressed their hatred
so clearly.
I wonder,
if they are proud,
of having accomplished
such a monumental task,
of eliminating THE symbol of power
and financial wealth in the U.S.
and having cast doubt and fear
on an entire nation…
perhaps on the world.
It is so unsettling
and sad to me,
to live with the knowledge
that so many of us
possess such hatred
for one another.

And now –
it is tit for tat.
An eye for an eye.
And we will watch
In desperation and disbelief
the dissintegration of
a world – a nation – a city –
a soul.

Life will continue
in one corner of the globe,
and it will end in another.
There will be death and destruction,
And the blood of innocent children
On our hands.

Hatred breeds hatred.
Love breeds love.

I sit here,
In the glorious sunshine,
Listening to crickets play
And watching the bees…
And somewhere in New York,
There are those brave souls
Who listen through the rubble
And chaos of crushed concrete –
For the sound of a human voice.
I look at fine green grass,
And beautiful yellow flowers,
And they look at body parts
And blood.

I simply don’t understand
the hatred
and the suffering.

I may understand tomorrow,
But today –

My heart is aching too much.

Pauline Leger ©

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