Saturday, September 14, 2013

is money really all that and a bag of chips?

hi everyone!
Happy Saturday... (at least it's Saturday as i write this)

i am slowly getting back into my routine
of playing & writing & making art during the evenings.
i love these evenings...
After mentioning on my last post
that i was done my 4 month term job,
one of the comments i got was from the very wise & talented Gwen...
(you can find her here)

She wrote this:
you do what you need to do,
to do what you want to do.
Such truth to this.
Few of us are lucky enough to do what we love as our work.
Many of us (i want to say most) are stuck in jobs we hate,
selling at least 8 hours of our day to someone else, 
to another business,
another corporation,
for money.

And some of us need more money than others...

In the past few years,
i've discovered that i can do a lot with very little
and that some people are higher maintenance
than others.

I've also discovered
that we're not all given the same chance in life
and when circumstances steer your life in a different direction
than what you thought your life would be -
it's not all sparkles & rainbows.
But it's not all bad either.
It is your new life.

And when directions change...
Opportunities change.
Priorities change.
People change.
Sometimes, in ways that make them feel more grounded.

Those who know me know
that my definition of success
is not a full bank account,
but a full heart.
And i don't get a full heart
by watching my money grow,
or by shopping,
or by driving a new car.
Someone else might - i don't.

I get a full heart
by connecting with others (like you!)
by listening to music
by sharing coffee & conversation with friends
by being in nature
by asking questions
by making art
by reading
by writing...
by doing what i need to do,
to do what i want to do.
(thank you Gwen)...

Bob Dylan once said:
What's money?
A man is a success if he gets up in the morning
and goes to bed at night
and in between,
does what he wants to do.

I try to live up to this,
and follow my own heart as much as i can.
...and whenever i can, i have fun.
How can striped orange socks 
and cowboy boots with spurs NOT be fun?! :-)

When i drew this,
i realized she (or he, or it!) seemed awfully uncomfortable
balancing on her hands with her bum in the air on the beach.
So i gave her a little stool.
And her boots have to be on the blanket,
cause you don't wanna get sand in the spurs...

See what happens when i sit on a Saturday morning,
with nothing but good coffee,
and time on my hands?
(does she ever shut up?)

Thanks for sticking with me, folks.
...for those of you who are still reading.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wonderful to see you back in full swing!! Love your whimsical character and your personal character!! Age helps distinguish what truly matters. Those not tapped into their personal gifts will always anesthetize with things or trips outside themselves!!
    I think you are one of the lucky ones knowing what truly give your joy!! Great post..... Love that you're back!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. You have such creative ability for getting your message across. That is talent! cheers!

  3. You have no idea how happy I am to have you back...I absolutely love your art, but man oh man...I love how you think and how you put those thoughts into words!!! Welcome back!!!

  4. I'm so happy that you're back! Like Sylvia says: love your art and love your words. You have such a unique way of saying what you feel, and the art you create is every time a surprise ... Just leave the 9to5 jobs for someone else ;-)

  5. You express exactly what I feel. Thank you for putting it into such beautiful words and sharing your journey with us.

  6. I love that ~ doing what you need to do to do what you want to do. So good to see you back where you're happiest, even if I hardly ever get to check in! :) xx

  7. Loving those sassy pink boots! Glad you're having fun!!! xx