Tuesday, September 24, 2013

blood red...

hi everyone...
last night's playtime...
acrylic on paper...

before i added the black, i flipped over the paper...
just because. :-)
(notice the blue markings on the top right corner above...)

they are now at the bottom left here...(above)
 added a bit of white, and some circles here & there...
at this point, i saw a man, with a bow,
surrounded by animals and spirits.
Some of you may see a person with a surfboard,
or a woman holding leaves...
but i saw a man with a bow.
The hunter.
That's what i decided it would be called.
Just because. ;-)

I don't particularly like the color red
and i use it very rarely.

Some artists use it brilliantly,
but i'm not one of them.
I still find it so aggressive.

Some artists use red in a way
that feels more passionate than angry.
But I still struggle to find that balance
between red and other colors,
so it doesn't feel like the red
is taking over the whole damn room,
let alone the painting. :-)

Yesterday, I was angry about a few things,
so it felt right when i used it -
maybe the anger is slowly finding its way
out of my heart and onto the page.

notice the limited color red in these pieces?
Maybe it means i'm not often angry.
Or that i lack passion in my life. ;-)
oh, i added a few curls to the blue boy painting!
I also made his eyes more intense.
I like it now. Much more.
Blue Boy.
And a little video for you, my friends...
How can one not love such a setting
filled with so many instruments,
talented musicians
and an angelic voice,
all at the same time?!

I saw Loreena in concert a few years ago.
Best concert EVER.
Maybe because there was more blue on the stage than red.


  1. Pauline, Your talent and imagination is awe-inspiring!!! Your well is deep.

  2. You so often echo my thoughts, or I yours - and I had forgotten how much I enjoy her music - wonderful reminder.

  3. Ohmigawsh! I love ALL your colors. I am not such a fan of red EITHER! (Let's celebrate that fact!) I wasn't feeling very motivated and then I read (and watched) your post and suddenly, you boosted my confidence without even knowing!

    I'm visiting from Creative Every day and I am so grateful I did!

    This is my Creative Every Day post if you would like to visit!

  4. Hello Pauline,I love Loreena's music too, it touches the core. Your painting is striking and very tribal, bold with red and perfect for this piece, very expressive!

  5. I wrote about the color red a few weeks ago, and said I don't like using it either. It used to be my favorite color, but now I'm more of an orange person. It seems softer.

    I do put red in my work, like you just saw, but it's a teeny tiny bit. I've noticed that paintings with a lot of red in them don't sell. So, we're not the only ones who aren't fond of the color. :)

  6. I love red but I usually let is stand on it's own because it's not as friendly with other colors!! I would ask you this question of those who dislike red or never use it,"are you afraid of your power?"

    Your art is always glorious and it's nice to see you use some red...and get the anger on the page!Love the red coming out of the mouth...very cool piece...a nice add to your book maybe?... Also love the blue boy and the painting... I can't tell you how good it is to see you back!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I love the way you used red! Very bold and contrasts so well with the blues and black outlines. Red coming from the mouth is really interesting:)

  8. funny how we get stuck on certain colours, for me it's orange. i even had a bad dream earlier this week and in it bad news was written down for me, on orange paper! These are wonderful pieces Pauline. Love the strength of your hunter and sweetness of your blue boy. thanks for your recent visit! xoxo