Wednesday, March 13, 2013

universal pain

If you reveal your secrets to the wind,
you should not blame the wind
for revealing them to the trees.

I painted this last night.

i had just finished watching a documentary about a family in Latvia
who had a history of incest 
and this one woman who was trying to free herself
from such heavy chains on her heart.

My heart went out to her and her two children...
born of her own brother.

Family secrets.

I just thought about how the pain must be the same
for anyone who is abused -
whether you are in Russia or the US
or France or China or Canada.

The feeling must be the same.

Just as love is universal, so must be pain.

My current books on the go.

Someone asked me the other day
what i was reading.

I was never one to read just one book at a time.

I usually have several books on the go,
and the book i pick up depends on my mood at the time.

Some books are heavy on the head, some are lighter.
If a book is really good, I'll read it faster than the others.

Some books i prefer reading in the morning,
and some easier reads are kept for the evenings.

I sometimes feel like i'm trying to learn
as much stuff as i can while i'm here...

i know, it's ridiculous, right?

but it's who i am.

And truth be told, i wouldn't be who i am today
if it were not for all the books i've read.

Books not only have the ability
to teach us about the world,
but they also teach us about ourselves.

what we like and don't like.

what makes us tick.

what we love and what we learn to tolerate.

what we are willing to stand for.

the reasons we believe what we believe.

What frustrates the hell out of us.

(right now, for me, it's all the hype about the damn smoke
coming out of the Sistine chapel chimney!)

I for one, do not care who they elect pope.
There. I said it.

I'm still convinced that if most catholics knew
about the history of catholic religion,
they would be fewer in numbers.

Maybe when they begin to respect women,
and children
and gays
and scientists
and atheists...
i'll change my mind.

Who knows.
Miracles can happen. 


  1. I am a multi-reader too! I get bored if I have just one book at a time...I do at least 3, that's my minimum! I REALLY like your painting very much...and what you said about if love is universal then pain must be as well. It is sad and true. I found you on the creative every day linky list. :)

  2. That was me that asked, wasn't it. :) I read many books at once too. There's just too much information in the world to only read one at a time! I'm intrigued by the I Ching one - how does that work, the I Ching in pictures? I have the I Ching and sometimes use it but I must admit I find it quite hard to understand most of it. xx