Monday, March 25, 2013

saying yes to the voices in your head...

hey Munchkins.

remember this?

it was sitting on my easel for months...
I knew it wasn't finished,
but i wasn't inspired to finish it
until this past weekend.

So it's official.
Painting makes me happy.
(like i didn't already know this)

If i go more than a few days without picking up a paintbrush
or a pen and paper (to write or doodle)
i go insane.

Art is the connection i need
to feel grounded
to what's around me
and what's inside me.

Art and wine.

It doesn't mean it always makes sense,
but i am at least connected to it,
whereas when i don't make art
or when i am not writing,
i feel a disconnection to everything.

I am positive many of you know
what i am talking about...
and that many of you
feel the same way.
I discovered something while painting this...
that i am getting more and more comfortable
with being an introvert
and trying less and less to fit in.

That i am getting better with painting
what i feel like painting
as opposed to what i think
others want to see,
even if i know it may not make sense
to everyone.
I'm getting far more comfortable with saying no
to the outer voices and the inner ones.

Years ago, i said yes to many things,
and then regretted my decision...
Life is too short for regrets.

Now i say no - gently -
and with a peaceful heart,
and i keep painting...

I had so much fun painting this.

It's all about finding our own happy place, isn't it?
whatever brings a smile to your face...
whatever makes your day brighter -
whether it takes an hour or 10 minutes...
do that.

You may not get the chance to do it tomorrow.

And a little video for you on the FUN THEORY!


  1. wow greeat post Pauline. I just love how you just amped up your painting!
    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about being disconnected when you don't have the opportunity to create.
    And I believe its because that was what we were meant to do here. I truly believe its your purpose and it needs to be fulfilled. that discomfort and disconnect is the reminder to - hey, get back to it!
    I like what you said also about doing what YOU want to do. I say go for it and don't look back.
    As always, an insightful post! Fran T XO

  2. Hi Pauline! I totally understand the Disconnect you feel when you don't paint or write. Too much time between journaling makes me feel emptied out. This is a beautiful post. I am a shy introvert, and am learning to deal better with extravert expectations... My quiet time fills me up with peace and contentment. I love how you layered and finished your painting! The striking red and the dots...wonderful, wonderful!! It makes me happy. Hope you have a terrific, creative new week! ~ kath

  3. It is as if the little roots in your first version burst forth to all that gorgeous verdant growth - then when I thought things were perfect you went and added RED! Get out!! I'd never think to add that color but it was the perfect addition (plus the dots, of course!)- Had to show this one to my husband! LOVE your talent and so happy that you listen to your OWN voice!

  4. To that I say..." EXACTLY"...What she said...pointing to the post above!! lol

    Couldn't have said it better true. It take years to learn that smart lesson!!

    I love love love this piece... I have apple green with a few dark turquoise accents in my family room and it would work perfectly in my fact my hearts over the couch have a similar flair to this painting!!

    Enjoy the solace and love of creating!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I love the vibrancy of your chosen colors and the abstract design. The white dots really draw you around the whole painting beautifully. I totally agree with your philosophy too. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't spend some amount of time in my craft room.

  6. Beautiful, vibrant, colors. I also feel that way when I don´t create or write. I can relate to your words, I am also learning to accept myself as I am and to do what makes me happy and it´s fantastic.

  7. How wonderful, Pauline to see the progression of this painting. As I read your words I could see the freedom, the "comfortable in your own skin" vibes, coming forth on the canvas! Definitely looks like your marks came from a happy place. Gorgeous!

  8. What a magnificent painting and what a magnificent post! I love seeing it unfold, and the end result is beautiful, although every step along the way could've been the end result. Great work!

  9. Pauline: Have you read "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking"? I love it (still reading it) - almost as much as I love your blog.

  10. Hello Pauline, this is a wow piece! You most certainly have to follow what feels right and is most fun for you, it shows in your work, I love the flowing feeling that is always found in your pieces, this is just gorgeous and those colors swing! As always such a pleasure visiting you here! xx

  11. Great post! And I do feel exactly the same way. :)

  12. I love where you took that painting Pauline. And bravo on the post! If we can't create art for ourselves...we're likely not to do much else for ourselves either. Keep having fun with whatever the heck you feel like doing. xx

  13. Oh Wow. When I brought up your page and saw that painting in all the stages... I just gasped! It's BEAUTIFUL. So are the words. Thank you, thank you!!

  14. this really brightened up my day. I have this tryptich triptych okay, that is the right spelling, I have been stalled on for a week BEcause I don't know if they are "done" or if I need to paint "more" and I am going to take a photo of them and send it to you BEcause it is likely unlikely you could pop by the Wee Cottage [though it is very chilly here, so you might FEEL right at home] and advise me...
    I so rarely paint with paint and even more rarely DO I paint with paint primarily and so... wouldn't that BE nice, a glass of wine and having you help me to see my paintings in a way I am trying to see them but just NOT able, yet... I don't think I CAN'T DO this, it's just that I would really like to get another's perspective. this is how I roll Now, learning from "listening" and "observing" and your paintings in stages always light that spark in me.
    also, I am forgetting I loved the little video which was is the perfect thing for me today with my bruised brain.
    okay, enough for Now.
    lovely post and I must retreat from the computer BEcause it is NOT resting my brain...
    who'd've imagined?!

  15. This is makes me smile. I love your comments about being introverted. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I was really able to celebrate being an introvert, instead of excusing it. You really do have to listen to your own voice.

  16. I can so relate to this post! I have to do something arty or creative each day. I'm reading 'Quiet' too, and learning (finally at 44) that being drained by social events, prizing my time of contemplation, and being generally quiet is OK.
    I love the painting with the accents of red and the little dots. It was fun to see it progressing.