Saturday, August 18, 2012

a blast from the past...

hello everyone.

I thought i'd share a few things with you 
from my younger college student days.

I began the day today with intentions of cleaning the studio.
It never takes me long to get distracted
whenever there's cleaning involved. ;-)

Most of these were done in 1990.

I like this one. Done with tissue paper and ink.
The sad thing is, i can't remember doing it,
nor most of the other drawings...

Looking back at old artwork or writings
always helps me see the progression of my work

I loved drawing detail, and often found inspiration in nature...

or in an old cloth...

quick sketches to get the basic lines...

see how little is needed to express a feeling?

another sketch of my bag...

a wise man... 

made obvious by the beard, the glasses
and the size of the book he's reading. (wink wink)

and moi - done in front of a mirror, in Dec 1990. Pencil and charcoal.

And last but not least, my coffee. 
The real thing, not a drawing. ;-)

There's nothing like a nice, slow Saturday.

Wishing you all a great weekend
and enough time to do whatever makes
your little heart happy.

Remember - it's the little things that matter most.


  1. I'm supposed to be cleaning my studio right now but instead I am on the web...looking at your great art is so much more fun than what I should be doing...

  2. Wow..what a magnificent post full of the fallen/broken tree..very the wise them all..gorgeous sketch of yourself..Wonderful! and love Timmy's..enjoy!

  3. So glad you got out of cleaning again! These sketches are
    fab - you - luss!

  4. How fun to find art from 22 years ago! Love that you don't remember doing it. How much have you changed? Your art I mean? Love the self portrait. Like a deer in the headlights of an approaching car.
    I have one like this too of myself done in the bathroom mirror.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy weekend. Happy PPF!

  5. Your sketches are so good. I enjoyed the detail of the fallen trees, the wise, bearded man. And, the bag..everything! LOL!

  6. Very cool self portrait!! Great highlights/shadowing and details -
    Also am enamored with the figure sketch - love how you can see shadowy outlines of what was on the reverse of the paper. How amazing to have such a large body of work to look back upon!! Enjoy reminiscing - beats cleaning every time!!

  7. I love seeing these a lot! in particular love the tree

  8. A lot of us would give our eye teeth to draw that well! Wonderful works.

  9. Wow! These are great sketches ~ love the wise man ~ and my studio needs cleaning as well ~ (come Autumn) LOL ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Hello Pauline, well, today is Sunday (for me it's the morning)
    I love seeing sketches, I always say that I learn more watching sketches, the finished works
    Here in my country we do not have the culture of drinking coffee, but yes, we do,
    we drink mate, have you heard about Mate? :))))))))
    I hope you start a creative week:))))

  11. Nothing says Canuck like a Timmys coffee! I have two within a few block radius of my home!!

    Pauline you saved the best for last, I love love love that powerful amazing self impressive!! Good job in the 90's!!

    Have a great week ahead!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. LOVE IT...!!
    What fun, to look back. :]
    Thank you for sharing your life ~xx

  13. I find it so amazing that I put out my blogpost (scheduled for that date a few days earlier) on 20 August with the same title and the same outcome of looking at past sketchbooks. I hadn't seen yours, so it's a case of great minds thinking alike!

    I love the way you show the stages in painting Mandela in the following post. And the sketches in this post are really interesting. Enjoyed your post. Regards, Jez