Sunday, July 22, 2012

IF - CARRY and blue hair girl

Illustration Friday: CARRY

This is the first image that popped in my mind
when i saw the word of the week on IF.

How we all go through life
carrying different weights on our shoulders.
Some by choice,
others not.

I choose to see the glass half full
but i also realize that for some people,
this choice is far more difficult.

I don't wake up in the morning
to the sound of bombs outside my home,
or sitting in a jail cell,
or lying in a hospital bed,
or depressed,
or with a hangover the size of a house. ;-)

I wake to the sounds of birds chirping
and the breeze blowing,
and a peaceful heart
so it's relatively easy for me to see the glass half full.

I remind myself now and then
that we're not all carrying the same weight in life.

Some of us are carrying huge and heavy burdens.

Here's last night's playtime. 

I didn't take many pics this time.
It basically goes from step one to done. :-)

I started out with collage
and ended up just painting over the whole thing.

Kinda defeats the purpose of collage,
doesn't it...

This is kinda what makeup on a woman looks like to me. 
No offense to those who wear it -
i still love you, honest i do.

It may not be what the world sees,
but it's what i see.

I used to wear mascara when i was a teenager.

Then i went without wearing anything for years
and a few years ago, when mom was here,
i tried on her mascara on my eye lashes...

it looked (to me) like there were spiders on my eyes,
so it immediately came off.

I can handle lip gloss now and then,
that's about it.

Women are still far too conditioned
to look beautiful all the time.

The problem with that is that
we don't all interpret beauty in the same way.

I'm linking this to Illustration Friday.
Check out some of the fabulous illustrations there...
so inspirational.

Wishing you all the kinda day you love.



  1. Really enjoy both pieces and love the girl and your interpretation of the makeup she looks like a doll made to please the little girls who want to buy her..does that make sense? Lol

  2. Hi Pauline, I agree with your words 100%
    sometimes only with the years we realize that we have carried a heavy load all our lives, just because we wanted.
    the good thing is realizing it, no matter when.
    have a good week!

  3. So inspiring. Love your words wonderful as your illustrations!

  4. Lovely drawing style and right on with the sentiment. Once in a while I am amazed at my luck in being born into a free country with enough food and water. So much tragedy in the world.

    I really like the girl with the blue hair! I know what you mean about makeup and rarely bother with it, though there is a fine line between just enough and too much, certainly!

  5. Thank you, Pauline,
    I also will come often :)

  6. They are both lovely, but I especially like Carry... very cool take on the topic... and I laughed at the mascara thing... it is about the only makeup I can tolerate... I practically put it on the minute I wake up... xx

  7. LOVE your "carry" interpretation - sometimes those heavy burdens seem a bit lighter if your arms are around them rather than carrying them all on your back. Then we feel a little more in control even though the burden hasn't changed. . . The little one with the teddy bear made me smile!
    BTW - one woman's "spider eyes" are another woman's way to feel "non-nude". Since I don't believe in public nudity I will continue with my mascara!! LOL

  8. Love your illustrations! Yes, I have definitely carried varying weights at different times in my life...some seemed too heavy to bear but hey, things did get better and I'm still here.

    Your collage turned out great and it would have at least added some texture despite you covering it up. Love your girl! I admit I rarely go a day without make-up BUT I do apply sparingly compared to my younger years. I stopped wearing mascara over a month ago as I felt it was ruining my natural lashes which used to be so thick and lush. Hopefully, they will recover with time. No doubt, the powdered blush will be the next to go. ;)

    Have a lovely week ~ xo

  9. Very nice paintings. Some burdens are heavier than anyone would have imagined their lives now. These are challenging times indeed. My glass is half full also and there have been times I've had to make it so, when the picture wasn't so rosy.

  10. Truly beautiful post - your words and your art are so inspirational!

    PS I hate mascara too. I never wear it often enough and most times when i do go to put it on it burns my eyes because its too old.
    Its my eyebrown pencil I can't live without. LOL :))
    have a great day lady!
    FranT xo

  11. Great post. Love the blue girl. I dont use as much make up as I did, tinted moisturiser, mascara and lippy thats it now.

  12. LOVE the blue girl. I see a slight change in your painting/ drawing style. It's wonderful and inspiring to follow your journey. It also creates an ache in my overwhelmed little heart. Would love to see you soon, my inspiring dear.

  13. I'm right with you, Pauline. I don't wear makeup either (although I used to years ago). I don't that Angelia anymore - I guess I outgrew her :o)

  14. The two pieces couldn't be more different but I love them both! Yes we all have different weights on our shoulders but sometimes no matter how heavy something is, it seems light when we have someone to share it with. And then there are some people with very light burdens but it becomes heavier and heavier the more they complain and not appreciate what they have! Blessings! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  15. I have felt like I was carrying all those different burdens at one time or another. Sweet post. :)

  16. Very deep thoughts went into this week's theme. Bravo. :)

  17. Deep post. Love your illustration, I do think the collage gives it depth and texture!! She is so cute, albeit serious!! She must be carrying a load! I love your true! We all carry burdens at one time or another!

    Hugs Giggles