Thursday, July 26, 2012

sailboat progress and Keith Richards

hi everyone!

Remember the sailboats?

I started them back in June...
you can see the earlier stages here.

I had a wonderful painting session last night
as opposed to the uncertain, doubtful, frustrating session
the previous night. 

I put on some good music,
lit a nice scented candle,
and played till the wee hours.

Well, not really "wee"...
it was only about 11pm when i stopped
although i probably could have painted till 3am,
but being a designer by day
means i need to get up for work
so 3am is out of the question.

It's times like these i miss not having 
a bajillion bucks in the bank.

These photos are more blue than the actual painting
but i didn't bother adjusting any colors.

I just wanted you all to see the progress...
one more sitting and i suspect it'll be done.
I'll post when it is.

I always know when to stop 
whenever i'm doing a commission.
Painting from a photo is never as daunting to me
as painting from an idea in my head.

My lovely palette of messy colors.

I heard something on the radio this morning
about Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones
and it made me laugh.

I basically just have to look at him
and he makes me laugh.

Kinda like a cartoon character.

He was quoted as saying something like this:

"Sometimes, i forget how to play certain Rolling Stones songs,
but even when i forget,
my fingers always remember."

Considering everything this man has lived through,
i'm surprised he even remembers to breathe. 

Actually, sometimes - i'm not quite sure he IS breathing...

So right after i heard that quote,
i was inspired to draw Keith...
A quick sketch,
but a drawing nonetheless.

I actually think he's great,
and i love the Rolling Stones too.

We saw them in an outdoor concert here a few years ago
and it was one of the best concerts i've seen.

Anyone who can move the way they do
at their age,
after all they've "experienced"... (wink wink)
leaves me impressed.

Maybe they're just pickled?
but still,
i'm just saying... i love their music.

So here's to you, Keith!

A mini marker drawing,
done with Crayola Pip Squeaks. 

You just can't draw Keith with a smooth pencil...
It just don't seem right... ;-)



  1. Pauline it's been too long since I last visited you here, you are always such an inspiration and this boat piece is really a favorite, it's that rippling water effect, it has me dazzled with its movement and reflection, I love this painting!

  2. Your boats are coming along beautifully. You drew a great likeness and rough lines make sense for sure! lol He actually looked good the last time I saw him on TV. I was amazed.
    Stay inspired!

  3. Hi Pauline, its long that I have visited your blog and as usual - your writing makes me feel so good and light at my heart...they are all happy lines....and the painting is gorgeous right at this moment....i will look forward to the finished one and the sketch is crispy :-). I did a small exhibition in Munich and the response seemed OK considering the fact that I have just begun painting. And I have somehow made it to a juried art fair in Bonn, here in Germany. So I am looking forward to some happy times. Best Wishes - Sunayana

  4. oh my gosh this is a gorgeous painting! it makes me pine for the sea!

  5. Your sail-boat painting is looking fantastic!! I love how you've worked the water and the reflections!

    I must admit that the Rolling Stones weren't really my cup of tea although I did like some of their songs. I agree, they have certainly experienced A LOT and come a long way. Keith Richards is quite the character...I've enjoyed watching him in interviews. I found his words/quote quite know how they say artists connect with their Higher Selves when they go 'into the zone'....I do believe his Higher Self works those fingers when he forgets the words. His brain may get muddled but not his mind. ;) I LOVE your portrait of him...yep, no smooth pencil when it comes to Keith Richards...perish the thought! lol

    Have a great weekend! xo

  6. Your 'quick sketch' of Keith Richards is fantastic. And I love the blue boat painting. I could live happily with it on my wall ... If only I had any wall space left in our small flat. Having to move house and down-size on the number of loved paintings one can keep really sorts out favourites, but sadly leaves no room for new ones. I love your work.

  7. Love it... A post filled with "inspiration!' :]
    Fantastic illustration, adore the painting of the boats too. Thank you for sharing your talents, thoughts, and the wonderful stories to follow along with your work.
    It is like we are holding hands through life. ~xx

  8. This is real example of art work..!
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  9. Loving the boats.

    Keith Richards just amazes me every time I see him. Makes me laugh about our constantly being told to live our lives the healthy way...

  10. "pickled" - hee hee
    Your sailboats are amazing - showed them to my husband the other night - will have to show him your updates.

  11. I just love the boats. The colors are amazing and rich!

    Your likeness of KR is spot on. Terrific work:)

  12. Can you see I am behind on your blog!! Excellent Keith Richards!! Love it!! My daughter and son in law, in their mid twenties saw the Stones in Vancouver a few years back. They have seen all the oldies in concerts, Neil Young, Willy, Dylan, Cohen, Springsteen, they are always there with mid aged people. They love new bands too...they just know good music!!

    Your sailboats are just amazing... great palette too!! So impressive you always inspire me!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. The sailboats are amazing (excellent water reflections!), but it's Keith that's got my attention and put a huge smile on my face! It's amazing that our aging rock stars are still out there rockin' it out!