Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Einstein - AEDM day 29

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

a quick outline in orange marker


initially, i try to look at "blocks" of values... where are the darks vs the lights?
(purple & baby blue as colours)

added a bit more detail and yes, black. (Monet would not be impressed)... 

a bit of writing... and voilà.

i sometimes think of people like Einstein, or Gandhi, or Emily Carr, and i wonder what made their hearts sing, and did they follow their dreams or did they ever wish their lives were different?

Did Einstein find peace when he played the violin?
I like to think so...


  1. This is great. I find it's easier to start like this with a tonal painting and then add in the details afterwards. The hardest part is the initial sketch.

  2. This is a beautiful piece! I like that you showed the steps of creating the piece. Really wonderful.

  3. Very nice! I've always loved the Einstein quote at the top...and I'm impressed regardless of what this guy "Monet" thinks ;)

  4. Pauline, this is fabulous! I like using black to define...it really makes things pop.

    I'm a fan of Einstein's philosophies...he was a brilliant man with a huge heart. Although he didn't ever have direct input in the making of the atomic bomb, he did support the making of it due to fears that Germany may have been making one at the time. He later said it was his one big mistake. He had no idea the bomb would be later used on Japan and actually condemned it. It's kinda sad that people equate the atomic bomb with him because, you're right...he was so much more. :)

  5. Great piece and so effective on the music score. I didn't know he played violin... but then again there's an awful lot I don't know about him!

  6. Very nice effect. I think he found peace in his playing as well :).
    Stay inspired!

  7. I love it when you share your process. Seeing how it comes together is great and so much fun!

    So glad that you jumped on the AEDM bandwagon. It has been fun checking in on you.

  8. This is wonderful and I love seeing your process!

  9. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing the process of it too. I've always found the life of Einstein very fascinating!

  10. Love seeing the progression of your painting and love that you started it on a music score.

  11. I love this piece. I love that you kept his face purple and grounded everything with the black.

  12. congratulations, you put einstein playing a violin on guitar tabs.