Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yup. It's a fact. I don't always wake up loaded with inspiration & wanting to spread rainbows & sparkles all over the world. Sometimes i wake up like my son did this morning - wishing i could just lay there & have coffee in bed & eat bonbons all day. :-)

But those moments never last too long. Before i even put my feet to the ground, i think about the amazing things this day may bring. I think about facing the day with appreciation and intention. We rarely think about what we intend for the day. Most of us just stumble out of bed & go on auto-pilot, letting the day happen rather than intending or creating what we want.

Well, not today Zurg. :-) Today, i focus on how i want to feel rather than the tasks i want to accomplish. It doesn't take much sometimes to change the feel of a day. A walk in the park, coffee with a friend, an hour with a good book. It's just a matter of deciding what we want, isn't it?

What do YOU want today? :-)


  1. Hmmm, what I wanted when I got up this morning was to crawl back into bed; a warm blanket, my cat and a book. It is raining here in NYC and I longed to not jump start myself. FYI: I did it anyway - I jump started. I chose to make the most of it. The mood for everyone what about the same as mine so I wanted to change it. I bought ice cream for the girls who sit in the office next to me. Ahhh, to make others smile brought a smile my face and made my day go so much easier.

  2. Great post and illustration! I really like the idea of setting an intention and being appreciative for the day ahead.

    What do I want today? Some peaceful time in the's been a rather busy week so haven't had a lot of time for studio play.

    Happy AEDM,

  3. great thoughts and such an adorable illustration!

  4. Would be so nice to hit the lotto. My social life would surely kick up some notches 'cause I'd be surrounded with users. Like, where are they now?

    All jokes aside, I've had those mornings as your son. I find it's a bit harder getting those boys outta bed. Well, at least the one I have. Girls are easier that way.

  5. admire your drive and motivation... but I am a kind of go with the flow depending on how I wake up kind of person... usually works out just fine but really admire people who can focus at an early hour... life is a little bleary for the first hour of the day for me xx