Saturday, May 20, 2017

A day in the life of you

hello everyone.
I've probably already told you this,
but i LOVE this quote by Anaïs Nin.

I said no to an office job a few weeks ago
because i felt that saying 'yes' 
would keep me tight in a bud.

So now, let's blossom!
I've done nothing different this week
than any other week,
but somehow, it feels lighter.

I know it has everything to do
with my decision not to return
to an office environment.

I feel less frustrated.
I feel less afraid.
I feel more focused.
Even if I still have no idea
how this is all gonna work out (financially).
I'm proud of myself
for having dared to go
a little further than before.

For having stepped outside of
the goddamn box for a change.

We fill ourselves with fear sometimes
for absolutely no reason.
If this doesn't pan out for me,
and I'm not able to make at least
a bit of money by teaching e-courses,
I'll do something else.

My art changes, depending on how I feel
and over the past while, 
I've been doing a lot more 'illustrated journaling'
than actual painting.
Maybe because this feels like
the beginning of a new story for me.
Friends of mine went on a 3 week trip 
to Europe about a month ago
and brought me back a few nice surprises.
(hint: Belgian chocolate was involved). ;)
Merci Aline & Renée!
In 20 years from now,
the memory of these little surprises
may be long gone from my mind (or at least murky)
so I did this little collage,
not to forget.
Plus, it's so much fun to do!
This is why I love illustrated journals/collage so much.
It's *a day in the life*
and sometimes, when I look back
at some things I did from years ago,
I remember it as if it were yesterday.
It's not important that the art be perfect.
It's not important that it makes sense
to everyone.
Just to you.
It's not a masterpiece.
It's a day in your life
that you may look back on
with more fondness than you think
in 5 or 10 or 20 years from now.
It doesn't need to be a day
filled with activity & outings.
Sometimes, the simple days
are the best.

Thanks for hanging out with me.
Have a great long weekend!


  1. Lots of art in your days it seems. It was fun to look at each one. Many thoughts and details. Wishing you success on your new adventure!

  2. wow so many wonderful art pieces! Love the Anais Nin quote too. And congrats on saying no to the office and yes to you! Happy PPF!

  3. Great meaty details!! I wonder if you feared the "No" leading up to the offer!! Glad to hear your satisfaction with your choice... always remember there are coupons to help you with many many free items...especially back east!! All the best on this new journey I know you will do amazing things!! Believe!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I can almost hear the lightness in your words in this post Pauline. I'm so happy for you.
    I've been staring at these wonderful illustrated journals of yours--what a clever way to keep memories. I'm tempted to give it a go.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Hugs. xx

  5. Congratulations on making a decision for yourself. You are right people do get scared thinking they have to take a certain path in order to "make" it. I love your illustrated art. Each one has some pretty profound messages. Can't go wrong with chocolate. LOL Have a very nice Sunday.

  6. Great post. Love your cartoonish journal page.

  7. It takes courage to say no. Congratulations on staying with your heart and what is important to you.
    Happy PPF.
    ~~ Irene

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