Sunday, April 2, 2017

art challenge, winter blues and sharp shooting

hello everyone!

Well, I've discovered over the past little while
that my habit of blogging on a regular basis is changing. 
Social media has always been "love/hate" for me,
but I must admit that I've been using Instagram
more than anything lately.
It's quick, it's convenient, 
and I don't need to have the computer on
to post a little something. ;)
Still, it's always good to come back here,
even if it happens a little less often now.

March is often a depressing month here.
Wet snow, dirty snow, freezing rain,
with the occasional sunny day,
so it can get a little heavy on the psyche. ;)

My dad was a carpenter,
and I remember how the weather always had
such an effect on him as I was growing up.
Bad weather meant a hard day at work,
or no work at all.
So I consciously make an effort
not to let weather bother me too much.

Still - snowstorms in March suck. ;) 

With dad's recent move to an assisted living home,
and me sorting through all his stuff bit by bit,
I feel like art really took a back seat
over the past few months.
That, plus I'm working on an e-course
and a few other things at the same time
that seem to be zapping my energy
more than I like to admit.

Whenever that happens to me,
I often need just a little push
to get me going again.


This "21Embody" art challenge (by Connie at Dirty Footprints)
was exactly what I needed to get me going again.
If I did nothing else, at least I'd make art for 21 days.
And sometimes, you don't want to think
about "what to paint".
The daily prompts were all I needed
to get me back to painting.
You can see all 21 days at #paulineleger
if you want to see all the body parts. ;)
This is how I felt at the end of the challenge. :)
So I've been trying to practice daily yoga again,
and sometimes skip it.
And writing 5 things I am grateful for each day,
and sometimes skip it.
Life is an ebb and flow, isn't it?
Sometimes I do well with commitment,
but more often than not,
i get comfortable with the imperfections.
That's gotta be the best part
about growing older (and wiser).

Getting comfortable with our flaws.

I avoid perfectionist like the plague. ;)
March is also the month that my dear friend Liz died,
already 6 years ago now. (ovarian cancer)

As the years pass, it's easier to remember the good times 
and to understand the lessons she taught us
with her own imperfections
and her "ok-ness" about it all.
The only time she ever strived for perfection
was in her photography.

"Perfection is possible with photography",
she would say "because we're able to manipulate reality".
I will forever remember how much we laughed so much
about so many things.

We both took our training to become
Correctional Officers at the same time,
and that in itself was a joke. ;)

We both hated guns.
(ironically, we both got marksmanship awards for excellent shooting!)

We were both about 5' in height.

We were both artists at heart.

So why in the hell would we apply 
to become correctional officers in maximum security prisons?

Because we needed to work.
We needed jobs.

And there were openings at the time.
And we both knew we wouldn't hesitate
to quit if it became unbearable.

About 2 years into the job,
it became unbearable for both of us.

The money wasn't worth it.

So Liz went to study in Ontario
and became a photographer
and I studied locally
and became a graphic designer.
And the rest is history.

Well, not really, because neither one of us
became famous - but still - it sounds good, doesn't it? ;)


Part of my little painting corner in the blue room...

See that gorgeous little blue weave on the wall?
I bought this from my lovely friend Tara Leaver, on Etsy.

I love how it makes me feel when I see it.

That's what art should be, shouldn't it?
Something that makes you feel good when you see it,
or brings a smile to your face.
It doesn't matter how "valuable" it is to someone else,
as long as it holds value to YOU.
As long as you love it when you see it,
that's all that matters.

So surround yourself with whatever brings you joy.
Hang art on your walls that makes you smile.
Even better if it's YOUR art. :)
Don't let anyone else determine 
the value of something.
YOU get to decide what has value for you,
not someone else.

Wishing everyone a
wonderful week ahead!
Thanks for hanging out with me.


  1. You may not even realize it but you are one of thee most inspirational bloggers for me!! Your art and words always spark off memories or thoughts for new posts... I have to run back and write down a few jumping off sentences before I forget them!! Your art and heart are so beautiful. You my dear could have been famous ten times over had you truly wanted to be. I believe had you put the full energy into it.. Not sure you thought that was possible!! Just remember that Louise Hay started her company and fame at fifty!! I think she's eighty now, my mistake, she is 90 now!! You have profound things to say and art to share!! I agree with you about what you love that makes you happy. I have never deviated from that because my taste is a bit quirky, and I love to be surrounded with colour and whimsy!! It's what makes my heart sing! Always a joy to visit such a prolific artist!! As long as you had that gun we'd never have been friends, lol. Funny how you both got past your dislike of them to become marksmen. I imagine your experience with the system gives you the compassion you have today!!Such an interesting post!! As always!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love your work! Don't forget us in blogland!

  3. I love all the different styles you have, each one as wonderful as the next. So happy you're blogging more regularly again, you have such a way with words and I love reading what you write. I think Giggles is right, you could have been famous and still could be famous. Your art is beautiful and your words are always touching, no matter what you write about...

  4. Thank you for so much today Pauline. For the wisdom in "Getting comfortable with our flaws." For the cute belly art:) For a glimpse of your blue room and for your posts that plaster smiles on me:in and out.
    And I don't know about fame or how useful being famous is but you are fabulous and I love you. Hugs. xx