Friday, December 2, 2016

how do you make sense of a crazy world?

hello everyone!

My journal entry from
November 29th, 2016:


I just came back from a beautiful walk.
The sun was shining and as I walked,
it started snowing at the same time.
Part of the sky was dark and cloudy,
ant the other part was blue sky.
So pretty.
The snowflakes falling
looked like little sparkles
or sprinkles in the sky.
It's moments like these
that feel blessed to me.
And i hesitate to say blessed
because it implies there is someone
or something
doing the blessing,
and that's just not what I believe.
It's just that whenever I see something like that,
or hear beautiful music -
even just a single note sometimes,
I feel like my insides turn to mush
and I am somehow weaved in
with the note or the snowflake
or the singing bird and for a moment -
we become one.
I know it sounds corny,
but whenever these moments happen for me,
everything makes sense.
It is no doubt what Eckhart Tolle calls
being in the moment.
It's not that everything makes sense, really,
but more like nothing else exists
outside of my tiny moment
with the snowflakes.
Like the rest of the world comes to a stop
and my moment happens in slow motion -
to make sure i grasp the significance.
It is during times like these
that I am grateful
for my artist heart.


So it's been a rough past few months
for many of us
and as much as I am still saddened
by everything happening in the world,
specifically the hatred
I am reminded every day
that there are still small miracles
all around me and that
I am still the same person.
Only maybe more resilient now.
Maybe more determined
to speak out when it's time
for my voice to be heard.
I still love books.
I still love painting.
And writing.
I love my family
and my friends.
I love connecting with others
around the world (like you!).
These things will never change,
regardless of what is happening
around me.
I hope you are finding 
some sort of peace with it all too.
Especially my American friends.
Regardless of who you voted for,
let's face it,
there's a lot of uncertainty
for a lot of people right now.
Sometimes, having the world around us
shift in strange and unpleasant ways
makes us even more determined
to take our place in it.
On another note,
I did some cards with my acrylic paintings
and ordered them from Vistaprint
during their Black Friday sale (60% off!)
and I got them yesterday.
So exciting!
I like sending a little something extra
to those who buy from my ETSY shop,
so I'm pretty happy with these.
I'll be sending some
in Christmas cards this year as well...
I love the combination of
art and words.
Both are equally important to me.
Big love to every one of you.


  1. Lovely art in paintings and words.
    Have a happy weekend ❤

  2. Your cards are so beautiful, especially the Bob Dylan one. I agree with you, the world is not such a pleasant place right now, and the future's uncertain and scares me. But connecting with others does help, and speaking out as well ...

  3. Wow this is a lovely post with wonderful art and the perfect songs. I keep trying to send out positive energy in all ways. There is so much hate and discord right now that it seems like it is snowballing. We need to make the positive snowball too. Have a very nice weekend.

  4. Your vista prints are amazing...they're an incredible company! When I look around at nature how things bloom and grow completely on their own I can't help but believe there is a higher power orchestrating it all! Those moments of complete bliss are embraced by only an accepting heart such as yours! Imagine those who rushed through that same moment as you and never experienced what you did. Their loss. You ALWAYS inspire me!! Gorgeous art! Enjoy the good in life as much as you can!!

  5. I LOVE your cards, so pretty! And like you I find peace, joy and love in my art! Merry Christmas!

  6. Beautiful cards! I missed your blog so much. Those tiny moments like your with a snowflake, so precious. Today after comforting my son who has a fever I went outside in the evening and feel of fresh air, night sky with stars brought me peace and hope. Big hugs to you!!!