Saturday, January 23, 2016

how inspiration found me

In our life, there is a single color,
as on an artist's palette,
which provides the meaning of life and art.
It is the color of LOVE.
- Marc Chagall
There's been very little art happening here
for the past few months,
but a few nights ago,
i sat my ass down and told myself
i wasn't getting up
until i painted SOMETHING.
It could look like crap, I didn't care.
But I was gonna paint something.
Whenever i have these dry spells,
i try to practice patience and trust.
Patience with myself (you can't force something out)
and trust that inspiration will find me eventually.
So I lit a candle,
put on some instrumental music,
and played with paints.
I initially started with just a few colours,
and the intention of just spreading them
on the canvas with a palette knife.
Just blocks of color.
I kept playing with colours & shapes,
alternating between palette knife & brush,
feeling at this point like it was nothing
but a big mess.
But it didn't matter. 
I was painting.
Then I flipped the canvas upside down,
and only then did I notice
what looked like a woman with 3 legs
(upside down, at the top center of the canvas).
Or maybe it's a woman holding an umbrella.
Or tugging a security blanket. ;)
So I flipped it over again
defined a few more lines,
and something happened at this point.
I began to like it.
I looked at it for a while,
then I left it for the evening.
When i woke up the next morning,
i looked at it with fresh eyes
and natural lighting
and i loved it.
Funny how that happens...
When i finished painting in the evening,
i thought "yeah, i guess it's not bad"...
but when i saw it in the morning light,
after a good nights' sleep...
i really liked it.
I see people and streets
and a city and trees...
And the best part for me
is the mystery woman...
Another quick drawing
from the DRAWING YOUR LIFE book.
My gratitude journal,
that i had neglected for a while
but have now begun to write something in here
on a more regular basis.
One of the best ways
to make your life better
is to jot down a few things
you are grateful for each day...
to become conscious of what you HAVE
rather than what you are missing.
And by what you have
i don't mean things. :)
What I'm currently enjoying...
the biography of Marc Chagall.
I love art that tells stories.
Marc Chagall's art tells stories.
A beautiful little video here,
with the work of Marc Chagall
and music that makes my heart melt:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Wow gorgeous video music and all!! Your painting is stunning I think I would title it "Waiting" or "What's next?" I love's as though a woman is standing with her umbrella waiting for someone or something...but enjoying every precious visual as she waits! LOVE it... Thanks for sharing my arty friend!! Always a joy to visit!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. thank you Giggles! Hmmmm... "Waiting"... i like it. i hardly ever title my paintings. But WAITING. Yeah, i like it. :) And yes, isn't the music in the video beautiful? Glad you liked it and it's always nice to see you here, my friend. xx

  2. I love your art, and your drawing is awesome :) it is funny how at the beginning we might not like our own art but if you keep adding a little bit more of yourself in it, it comes out lovely :)

    1. thank you Clemencia! Yes, sometimes it's so important to just KEEP GOING. ;) Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  3. I love the colors in this one--and the image of the tape! I think it is cool when common things are turned into art. xo

  4. I love the background that you made. Great colors

  5. I really like that video, it's full of love. Your work is wonderful and it's amazing how inspiration creeps up on us, right? The drawing book you mention intrigues me, I'll have to look up on that!

  6. I admire your "stick-tuitiveness" (is that a word?) - you persist on pushing through and the art always makes its way to the top!! Love that lady - she is surrounded but still standing tall - even in intimidating circumstances (probably not what you were going for but we all interpret art through the lenses of our own lives, right? LOL)

  7. It's a fantastic painting! I love how it came about just by playing. And then turning it around for different views-brilliant!

  8. Such a great piece I'm happy you sat down and had some painting fun again! Thanks for the great Chagall video too, beautiful!

  9. I love the combination of the geometrical lines and the looser shapes and forms. Stunning how your paintings develop, I love seeing the different steps. To me the finished painting looks like a maze with a few figures in there trying to find their way out ....

  10. Turned out great! Wonderful vibrant color.

  11. Really beautiful abstract piece. I love the curves and colours. I love your gratitude journal. I'm going to have to start my journal too. Wonderful! I love the scotch tape drawing also. I'm weird but I love how scotch tape smells. LOL