Sunday, November 15, 2015

heavy hearts make art

On the hearts and minds of many these days...
As disheartening as this is
we can't lose sight
of all the LIGHT
that finds its way through the darkness.
Good people doing good things -
opening their hearts & homes to strangers.
Picking up the pieces.
Refusing to live in fear.
I have no answers.
I only know that it makes me sad
that so many people suffer at the hands of hate.
Nos coeurs sont avec vous, Paris. xx
This was a 'decluttering/organizing' kind of week for me.
I changed a few things in my blue room,
including my table/desk.
(I used to have the yellow one)
Love the black desk (bought used years ago).
It's not as wide but it's longer, 
so I have more space for my brushes & paints.
This beautiful print (below) by Mae Chevrette
is on my wall to the right.
If you don't know her work,
you can check it out here.
It's so important
to surround ourselves with inspiration.
Whatever speaks to you.
Another little corner in the room...
Because my table is more narrow
and I moved things around a bit
I now have more space for the easel.
(still not done the veteran painting.) :(
This little guy always makes me smile.
We played marbles a lot when i was younger.
Dad's dirt driveway was filled with mini pot holes. ;)
There are too many book shelves in this small room...
said no book lover EVER! ;) 
my little winter bird...
all dressed up & ready to go.
I went to Chapters (book store) last week 
and got this fabulous book.
It was in the "young readers" section.
I find a lot of great illustrated books there.
I loved the illustrations 
so of course i had to buy it.
The story is about a young Russian girl in the 1990s
who lives with her grandparents for a year
while her mom is in the USA,
getting an education and 
trying to make a better life
for herself (and eventually, her daughter)
 The illustrations are simple and beautiful...
and the story carries you through
as if you were there with her,
on this journey without her mom.
It's the kind of book that you finish
and want to buy the sequel right away,
to know "what happens next"?
I highly recommend it.
And speaking of books...
COLOR FOR CLARITY is now available on Amazon!!
Grab your copy HERE.  

Six different artists from around the globe
came together to fill this 50 page colouring book
with beautiful images that encourage
a calm and peaceful heart.
Colouring is meditative
and all around great for your health,
so if you're one of these people
who can't sit still on a cushion for a 15 minute meditation...
this is for you!
Every page has a thought or a question
to help you focus on the moment
rather than worry about tomorrow
or next week, or next month.
They are selling for $11.66 US on
- a bit higher if you order from Canada,
but still much cheaper & healthier than valium! ;)
A great Christmas gift idea
for yourself or a friend!
Get your copy at:
and prepare to feel
like you went on a mini vacation!
Feel free to share! #colorforclarity

Thanks for being here.
PEACE to all of you
wherever you are on this big, blue ball.


  1. Lovely tribute to Paris. I was heartbroken to see and hear such devastating news. So glad my Mom went the month of Sept. to spend time with family , and thankful none of them live in Paris. Love your light and organized art space, and that you are surrounded by things you love. Sweet illustrations in your new book. LOVE your adorable winter bird! the coloring book looks really beautiful but I already have so much on my art plate:) Happy PPF late.

  2. There are no words... it's so unimaginable and sad. I want the world to be as it was when I was growing up....but it isn't. Wonderful tribute...and love that I can click on your photos and feel as though I am in the room where you create!! I look forward to supporting that new colouring book!! Now I hope this has sparked the inspiration to publish your solo book!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Beautiful intricate drawing of the Eiffel tower. Horror, yes, there seems to be no end to it... And it's coming so close it scares me. Love seeing your room where you create all of your beautiful work. And the colouring book has turned out great! Congrats on being a part of it!

  4. Your Eiffel Tower is amazing - great work!

  5. Moving tribute. Great studio pics!

  6. Beautiful journal entry for Paris. It expresses so much.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to Paris. The drawing of the Eiffel Tower is beyond belief!

  8. A great tribute to Paris. Here are many other lovely works.
    Happy PPF xx

  9. Staying in the light; happy PPF

    much love...

  10. Your beautiful drawing is a fitting tribute to the city many of us love. The violence and tragedy that is currently associated with it is incomprehensible. On a lighter note, i love seeing where people create. Thanks for sharing so much this week.

  11. Your Eiffel Tower is stunning. Amazing details! Hatred is so ugly!

    Are all of the paintings in you art room yours? They are all fabulous in COLOUR, STYLE AND COMPOSITION!

  12. A beautiful post and such a great tribute to Paris, your Eiffel tower is awesome! Happy thanksgiving to you and yours! xx