Sunday, May 17, 2015

wide open spaces

hello everyone.
First of all, thank you for the kind comments & emails on my last post.
You were all so right about so many things.
I sometimes get frustrated about things
that shouldn't frustrate me.
Like "why aren't they thinking the way I am?"
Pointless questions, really.
We're all different, we all have different goals in life.
I just need to get smarter about
what kind of people i surround myself with
and learn to keep my distance
from the soul sucking vampires out there. :)
(thank you Giggles... for your words of wisdom) xx
I know I said it would take me 5 months to decompress,
but actually, i think 5 days will do.
Since last Wednesday, I've surrounded myself
with nothing but nature,
because the ocean and the walks in the woods
always heal me and make me feel grounded again.
Of course, there's been writing too.
And reading.
And some sketching.
Because these are things
that make me feel alive.
Just looking at this makes me feel 
like my heart can breathe again.
So after walking for long distances on the beach...
and thinking about how fortunate I am to be here,
doing this,
life is good again.
oh, and just as i crossed the boardwalk,
here's what I saw...!
Yes, snow!
On one side of the boardwalk,
people were swimming in the ocean,
and on the other side,
remnants of a harsh winter...
Just after I snapped this photo,
an older woman came down the path
in flip flops
and she looked up at me & said:
"I wasn't expecting THIS!! 
I thought for a minute I was seeing things!
Thought I was losing my mind!"
We laughed.
From the cold snow to the warm sand...
 some of the books i've been looking at this week...
i love graphic novels,
and especially those that are historical.
Remember the photo booths?
We don't see much around here anymore...
And the wonderful Lynda Barry...
 How much fun is this?
I'm in heaven whenever i read
anything that promotes making art
for the fun of it.
Can't remember if i posted this...
sent my brother this birthday card a while ago.
Cracked me up. He loved it too. :)
My dad's here for a visit!
Gotta go!
Thanks for hanging out with me!

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  1. Oh thanks for the shout out glad I could help...omg I love that true...hilarious!! Okay I have a new netflix doc for you...have you watched Stripped....about the evolution of comic strip artists...very interesting...I need to watch it again as I tend to do three things at once and didn't absorb it all because I knew Beardo wants to watch it I will be watching it again!! Glad you are decompressed!! So much beauty in your midst.... no wonder you felt cooped up while working... Thanks for always sharing so authentically!

    Hugs Giggles