Sunday, May 26, 2013

full bank accounts and empty hearts

hi everyone.
Another rainy Sunday here.
It's been raining for days.

I spent a bit of time in the little blue room last night -
I doodled and dabbled with blobs of paint,
colored pencils, markers...

Nothing to write home about, but still - enjoyable for me.
That's what it's all about, isn't it?
Feeling groovy...  :-)
I've discovered a few things in the past weeks
that i had been sheltered from for the past few years.

I am floored by how many people out there are unfulfilled.

They have full bank accounts and empty hearts.

They fill their time with distractions...

social media
more shopping...

They've lost touch with who they are, deep down inside -
who they wanted to become when they dared to dream as teenagers.

What things are important to them in life.
They no longer believe in dreams,
or possibilities...

We all enjoy the occasional shopping spree,
or the night out with friends over a few drinks.

But i see something wrong
with a society that needs these things
in order to feel validated.

In order to feel worthy.
In order to feel loved.

The woman at work who needs the expensive purse
to feel like a somebody.

The other woman who needs the expensive shoes or
the yearly trip to a beach in the South.

The man who feels like a somebody
only when he's driving his new, shiny car.

There's something very sad about this to me.
Our society has become so focused on money,
and what money can buy,
that we've lost touch with the most important things in life...
the things that money can't buy.
The things that give our lives true meaning.

The sunrise.
The moon.
The ocean.
A smile on a child's face.
A hug. From anyone.
Support when we need it.
A letter in the mail.
Being barefoot.
The smell of flowers.

We've become so competitive with one another,
each one wanting to outdo the next...

when we all really want the same thing.

To be loved and understood for who we are.
To feel accepted.
I may love you for who you are
open arms and all  :-)

but never for what you have
or where you've been
or what you've done
or who you know.

These things never impress me.
YOU impress me.

... an instrumental song by MOBY that i love...


  1. Totally, totally, totally agree with you, Pauline.. you have taken my thoughts and written them down!!!

    Interesting to hear I am not alone in my observations.

  2. this post should go viral. it's so beautifully written! And I love the painting in the first photo!

  3. My sentiments exactly, only you said it with so much more panache!!!

    So true, this disease happens to many, and they haven't a clue either! But I guarantee it's to cover up an insecurity of some sort!!

    Very well done my dear!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I have discovered a similar refrain out in the World since I sold my car and BEgan walking, using the bus, and NOT spending money except for the basics.

    I have learned how unconsciously I had grown some obsessions just BEing "normally" in the World [where "normal" is owning a vehicle] and have consciously formed a New Normal that suits me so much more.

    I am happy to see that you posted this weekend. I always love seeing your blog "lit up" in my Google Reader!!!

  5. Well said my dear!!! Love the art too ....A smile rendering post :)

  6. Gorgeous art and beautiful words. A winning combination. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Pauline!