Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sometimes, winter is good for the soul...

hi folks!

A few pics from my walk yesterday...

I live near the ocean
and when it freezes over during the winter months
we get to walk on the ice (and the ski-doo tracks!)
and get a whole new perspective.

I am not alone... ;-)

they rent out these little cottages in the summer months

more animal tracks...

sometimes I see a deer or a fox crossing to the other side.

see that tiny speck on the horizon, on the left hand side?

it's a little fishing hut. 
they start fishing as soon as the ice is thick enough
to hold a small shed. :-)

the fishing shed again...far away. :-)

on my way back home,
and to a good cup of coffee. 

self portrait.

with a big jacket.
and a hood.
and huge mittens,
under my armpits
while i take the photo. :-)

Tell me this doesn't beat facebook...


  1. Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    This is so much better than anything on Facebook. These photos, and your thoughts expressed here beat Facebook by miles and miles.

    I've never done the Facebook thing, and have never had any desire to. I know a lot of people/friends/family who sing its praises, and are constantly telling me how good it would be for me/my fledgling crafts business to use it as a way to advertise and let the world know about my crafts. I 'get' that.

    But I just don't like the whole feel of it. I don't do the Twitter thing, either. Or the Pinterest thing.

    I am 'guilty', however - in a major way - of doing the blog thing. I love blogs. I love connecting with people through blogs, and I've made some real friends because of blogs.

    But Facebook? Nahhh...those who love it, that's cool. But for me? No thanks. What I'm seeing and reading and feeling here, with posts like this one from you (amongst so many other wonderful posts you've written and thoughts you've shared) beats Facebook by light years.

  2. ps - these photos are wonderful. I cannot imagine how surreal and amazing it must be to walk on water...frozen water, that is :)

    Morning walks - especially in the fresh and crisp winter air - are great for the spirit, the head and the heart (and the lungs, too). And, in my case, pretty good for tightening up some 'loose' areas (read: thighs, hips, waist - :)

    Bet you enjoyed that hot morning cuppa after your walk, too. A lovely and welcoming reward to come home to.

  3. Oh, how I miss snow like this - big sky, open spaces, no traffic to muddy it up. :) Big hugs to you, my friend. Thanks for taking me on your morning walk. xoxo

  4. Beautiful blues and whites, just beautiful... I love your photographs!

  5. I can not believe Pauline, the sea is frozen? or its a lake??
    oh ... Brrrrr. the cold got here!
    I think I'll also drink a cup of coffee. (I felt cold because this morning, here, the temperature was 10 degrees Celsius, JA JA seeing these pictures now I'm hot! :))

  6. How fantastic to be able to walk on the sea. It's a wonder how the creatures below survive.
    Wonderful photos. It would be lovely to see this in real life, but I don't think I could face the cold. No wonder you are wearing thick clothes!

  7. Amazing photos! and to be able to walk on the water, how cool!What a clear and beautiful day!
    Yeah this beats facebook by a mile, Pauline!

  8. Ahhh it feels so good...thank you for taking me with you on such an outstanding place!! I can smell the pristine air there outside :) big hug Conny