Thursday, February 14, 2013

M&M's and soft pastels...

One of the secrets of a happy life is
continuous small treats.
- Iris Murdoch

I'm a fucking champion of small treats... :-)
This is about as "valentine-ey" as it gets in our house.

M & M's and peanut butter hearts. 

I felt like getting my hands dirty tonight

so it was soft pastel time

It's a little harder for me to do abstract with soft pastels...

look! i even found a heart! 
(you can see it in the photo above, top left hand corner)

flipping it over and adding some black...

It always feels good to get our hands dirty sometimes,
doesn't it?

A few of my small treats:
little bits of art wherever i can squeeze it in
bubble baths
a good pen and paper
morning walks
good coffee
being barefoot
hugs from my son
a haircut
new underwear (or no underwear - giggle...)
and good music.

love to all of you...


  1. crack me up! love this and love your blog :)

  2. It really is the little things in life that make you smile. For me, I'd have to add foot soaks, little giggles, fuzzy socks, long purrs. Btw...Love your cheerful art!

  3. Lol!! All my favorites too!! Good coffee and a bubble bath tops on my list!!

    Happy love day....albeit you're probably in bed already!! Celebrate it everyday!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Oh this is wonderful... ((LOL))
    Love your take on Valentine's Day, sweet treats, and the process of your pastel drawing. :]

    keep arting, loving, and laughing...

  5. Love. And My Sentiments Exactly.

  6. My best treats to myself are chocolate everyday, coffee, and some journal time. I like your abstract, pastel process, thank you for sharing the steps. Happy weekend! Kath

  7. Ah, a girl not afraid to get her hands dirty. Yes!

  8. Dear Pauline,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you and your inspiring blog for the Liebster Award! Visit my blog for the info:)

  9. You are one funny lady (in the nicest possible way of course).

    Small treats?
    A thank you or a smile - from anybody, I'm not proud :)
    A hug from friend.
    Cheese (I shouldn't eat it, but what the hell)
    The mystery chocolate valentine heart on my desk (ok, so I know who it's from really, but I can dream)


  10. I love the colours you used! Such a vibrant and bright piece, awesome!!

  11. I love those grubby handed, mushy nights. It's a great piece Pauline! xx

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