Monday, February 15, 2016

abstract art, Matisse and Ron Sexsmith!

Hello everyone!
Here we are, mid February already!
It's been deep freeze cold here the past days (-25C)
but still such a better winter than last.
We still have snow on the ground,
but at least it's not 6 feet (like last year!)
Here's a little bit of what i've been busy with lately...
 acrylic on paper
then added some chinese marker.
It's abstract - obviously ;) and
as I do with most of my paintings,
when i feel like it's done,
i flip it around to see if it "looks" like anything.
Some might say that defeats the purpose
of an abstract,
but it makes sense to me, so i do it,
cause i'm the boss of me. :)
It looked much better to me this way.
I don't necessarily 'see' anything
(although it 'feels' like a city street)
but i like it better this way.
It just feels more balanced somehow.

And remember this?
Yeah, i added dots. :)

Kind of inspired by Matisse.
when i did this one (above),
i was thinking about the state of the world
and how often I do feel like it's crazy in so many ways
But then, history teaches us
that it's always been this way.
There have always been wars.
There have always been people who do
terrible things to one another.
There has always been racism
and hatred
and mental illness
and disease and illness
and misplaced power.
But there has also always been love.
And ordinary people who do extraordinary things.
And beauty.
And moments of grace.
There are 7.4 people on this planet.
It's crazy to expect that they're all gonna be good.
I bought my son this book
for his birthday last week.
So many stories in here remind me
that we don't all get the same chance in life.
It's far too easy to judge or criticize someone
without knowing anything about them.
Everyone is going through SOMETHING in life.
 This man's story broke my fucking heart...

And to end things on a lighter note -
my son and I went to a concert last week!
We saw Ron Sexsmith
at the beautiful Capitol Theatre,
here in Moncton, New Brunswick.
The theatre is about 100 years old,
sits about 800 people 
and the sound is always so good.
Ron Sexsmith is a Canadian singer/songwriter
and I believe he's one of the greatest songwriters 
of this generation.
Yes, I do. :)
i love so many of his songs, but here's just one:

Wishing you all a wonderful week!
Thanks for being here.


  1. It's great to visit here again. I always envy you all that snow around your home, it's so beautiful!
    Your art has such energy and feels so alive, it's buzzing! Have a great week too,

  2. Happy Birthday to your dear boy!! LOVE Ron, and 100 percent agree, way underestimated, underpaid, best Canadian song writer ever!! Favourtie song of his is "God loves everyone!" I get humans of New york on my instagram!! Wonderful that you got the book...You know I am always such a big fan of your art, but your Indy spirit is also such a favourtie too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. The first image reminds me somehow of Mondirain--love all the colors in this post. Love all the snow pix--although I am happy the snow and the frigid temps are gone. Have a great week. xo

  4. I really like your abstract(s). Orange, blue and yellow together always makes me happy. The book looks intriguing... when I was younger, someone cautioned me to always have the judgment of sobriety/clarity towards self, and the judgement of good will toward others rather than the other way round...which, in our humanity, is the easier/more natural to do. This book seems that it might help attune my heart towards good will and compassion for the stranger, or the neighbor, the sales clerk...the people "without names" in my life. The snow is beautiful... we don't get any, so we LOVE seeing such a picture, though I am sure it can get old!

  5. Hey Pauline. Your first abstract looks like an autorikshaw to me (or tuk-tuk). We have those three wheeled yellow ones in India. Love the theater pics. Enjoy being the boss of you and have a happy weekend. xx