Monday, December 7, 2015

life on other planets, the crazies and art.

hello friends.
It's been a strange couple of weeks
although if you ask me why
i can't give you an answer.
Maybe because it's that time of year,
maybe because of the way of the world,
maybe because I've not painted much lately.
Maybe because I'm writing more,
and because I'm watching
great documentaries
and reading great books
that remind me that
life is not the same for everyone
and we don't all see
through the same eyes.
Getting up in the morning
is easy for me.
It's hell for someone else.
I wake up to the sound of silence.
Others wake up to the sound of bombs,
or in incredible pain,
or hungry, 
or unloved.
I eat when I want.
Others don't.
This is a huge privilege
and it shouldn't be.
Governments are spending
billions on wars they create,
on defence budgets,
on space programs,
and there are still people on this planet
who don't eat.
That is a fucking BASIC need.
We send people in space
but we've yet to figure out a way
to feed the world.
I love science
but why are we concerning ourselves
with finding life on other planets
when we are not taking care
of the lives we have here,
on this planet?

Makes me crazy.
(hence, the crazy doodle) ;)
This makes as much sense to me
as those who sacrifice this life
for an eternal life after death.
And they usually kill others
in the process. 
I believe in life before death.
Not life after.
I guess i'm still trying to make sense
of something that will forever be
And then, there's this...
We got our first snowfall last week. 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Time to take out the music.
I just bought this one, and I love it.
But this one is still
my favorite of all time. :)
It's not Christmas until the Charlie Brown music comes on.
And then this happened. ;)
I may have shared this already
but it's cute, so I get to share it again.
Dad made Fluffy this little bed.
She totally loves being a princess.
She can do no wrong.
A few doodles from my 'draw your life' book.
A left handed drawing.
A few weeks ago,
I ordered this watercolor print from Prashant Miranda,
one of the great Sketchbook Skool teachers.
(They're all SO good)
Prash makes his home
between Canada and India.
Isn't it beautiful!?
I love it.
Love the bold colours.
He was so much fun as a teacher.
If you want your own print,
you can get it here.

And last, but not least...

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Thanks for hanging out
and listening to my rants. ;)


  1. Great art love the snow only to look at LOL. Sorry this is fast and late. We have a terrible storm here the last few days.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yours are not rants Pauline, yours are words of a friend who looks at the world more or less the same way you (i.e I) do. Your post got me thinking about how much more 'catching-up' can be done via blog posts as opposed to sitting in a coffee shop with constant threat of silly gossip creeping in:) Enjoy your weekend. hugs. xx

  4. So true about how our lives can differ greatly from other people. I have always thought it senseless on how governments spend so much on space exploration and wars while people are literally starving in parts of the world. It's just crazy!

    I love your artwork!

    OH, and Fluffy's bed is amazing! Well done to your Dad! I better not let Cody or Jack see the pics or they will expect the same. hehe

    Prash is such a fun teacher at Sketchbook Skool. I love his zest for life and sketching. Beautiful and colourful print!

    Have a blissful week! xo