Wednesday, August 12, 2015

nature and art go hand in hand

hello people!
Brace yourselves.
This could be long. 
Or at least have lots of pics. :)
The hippie van drawing was done
with coloured pencils & markers.
As much as i love the lazy days of summer,
I'll be happy to get into a more normal routine
come the fall.
Summer just makes me lazy...
The less I do, the less I wanna do.
Took this pic while walking in trails
not too far from here.
Car plates as wallpaper for the shed.
Hey, whatever turns him on, right?
This beauty shark head can be found at
Pointe du Chene wharf
not too far from here.
I sometimes go there for coffee in the mornings.
It's kind of a summer hangout.
Some little kid actually stuck his head in the shark mouth
a few summers ago
and they had to call the rescue team
to get him out.
They actually had to cut off a few of the shark teeth
to get the little boys' head out. 
Poor kid...
Attacked by a fake shark head. ;)

I didn't think i'd get this shot
just as the sailboat passed the sun,
but i guess i did.
I amaze myself sometimes. :)
Another boat with the sun setting...
This is one of my favorites...
the reflection of a rope in the water.
I was feeling out of sorts the other night,
so decided to just go to my blue room
and make art.
I didn't feel like painting anything in particular
so I just grabbed a few colours
and started playing.
Within a short while (like 15 or 20 minutes)
I was feeling better.
I heard someone say the other day (on TV)
that doodling or adult colouring
could not be considered art therapy,
and I wanted to tell them to fuck off.
I totally disagree.
I swear there are morons out there
who are afraid that people may become too happy.
Who cares whether it's "officially" art therapy?
It's meditative
and it has huge benefits.
Like lowering blood pressure,
and heart rate
and slowing down the brain
and the breathing
and becoming aware of the NOW
and maybe even in the process,
painting something great!
So yeah, keep doodling
and making art.
It's good for you.
I took this pic in the daytime...
what a difference in color.
This is the actual color (as opposed to the yellowy ones above).
Not bad for a night that started out as just "blah".
A few pics of an impending storm
a few weeks ago...
Do you see that line in the sky?
It was pretty awesome to see.
We ended up getting very little of anything,
but some people nearby got heavy thunder & hail.
I just thought the skies were so beautiful...
A little frightening, but beautiful.
Yes,  you can be both. :)
Another quick little sketch in my book.
We went for a few hikes in Fundy Park last weekend.
It's a National Park about 2 hours from here.
Love it there.
One of my favorite parks.
Nature at its best.
(see the people at the bottom of the waterfall?)
 Yes, the water is this clear...
A girl in the distance enjoying her lunch...
and these beautiful vines...
they seem to go on forever.
My son (in the blue shirt)
amidst the green beauty. 
Well, I just realized it's almost 11:30 am here,
and I am picking up my dad to run errands in a few,
so I must cut it short.
Well, short for me. :)
Happy Wednesday everyone!
Thanks for hanging out here.


  1. Great photos and I love love love your hippy van!! Amazing how different your art looks in both the night and day photo! Still gorgeous. Those cloud photos are wonderful and I see so many characters in them too! The first I see a whimsical smile...just adorable...the third one I see a goose, a koala, a bird and a lady!! How fun is that! And YES YES is cathartic, healing, a place of solace, and a game changer...if that's not therapy I don't know what is!! Who ever said it wasn't is a stupid smart person as my dad would call them!! Thanks for sharing your lovely summer treks and beautiful art!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Wonderful art and photos, love the hippie van and the reflection of the rope in the water is stunning. Happy PPF, Valerie

  3. Love your hippie van. Great photos.

  4. I love your long posts, Pauline!! :) The little boy and shark head story made me giggle, although at the time, poor little guy must have been squawking, eh? Glad everything turned out okay.

    The hiking photos, and that clear water makes me miss the east coast. I haven't been swimming in almost 20 years because the water out here is a brown murky mess, and we have poisonous snakes that like to hide in/near the water. thanks!! Eeek!!!

    I agree with you about art being a form of therapy. Sometimes, I swear they make this stuff up on tv just to have something to fill in the time. the bus. :) I'm also looking forward to fall and cooler weather soooo much. I've had enough of hiding indoors because it's so hot. We're finally in the 90Fs..can't wait for the 80Fs..then 70Fs..yes!! It makes me giddy thinking about it. haha

  5. I don't even know where to begin...such a wonderful post. I love the painting you made and I truly agree that art is therapy. All your pictures are beautiful. The sailboat in the sunset, the water, the ground...all amazing! I love both your Hippy Van and your clothesline! When my oldest son was little, he used to stick his head in glad he didn't see a sharks head anywhere. I giggled a little when you told the story of the shark head and the little boy. Brought back some funny memories.

    Thank you for such a great post, full of drawings, stories, photos and you sharing you! I really enjoyed being here today. Hugs, Rasz #55

  6. Love every single thing on here. And I totally agree with what you're saying about colouring pages and doodling. I always come in a different frame of mind when I do that, and it's just so relaxing I can recommend it to anybody. Maybe especially those people who always want to put things into categories ....

  7. Hi Pauline. Everything I wanted to say about this wonderful post has been covered by the comments above; so I'll just say ditto to all the above.
    LOVE the rope in the water shot and giggled when I read :"I amaze myself sometimes. :)" coz I think it too- and seeing it written out there made me smile- modestly, of course. hugs. xx

  8. Great to catch up here Pauline, I love your funky art, so good to go with the flow and enjoy like you do, as well as make fabulous art I agree it's so good for you! Enjoy the these lingering Summer days, laze as much as possible and enjoy! Thanks for all you share and your super photos, I love dark stormy skies!

  9. Those sky shots! Wow. And that rope reflection is one of my favourite photos of all time, ever. Right up there with Gregory Colbert for me {my favourite photographer}. And truly, I don't think it's possible for me to read one of your posts and not literally laugh out loud. <3