Sunday, July 12, 2015

summer scatter brain

hello lovely people!
First, I'm sorry I disappeared for so long.
It's summer here
and it's been hot, hot, hot!
Need I say more?
I am spending as much time as I can outside
and as little time as I can on the computer.
Secondly, I have several pics to share,
so i hope this post doesn't explode on me. :)
It is the annual Lobster festival here in Shediac
and these few photos were taken on July 1st - Canada Day (evening)
Shediac is the Lobster Capital of the world...
which basically means nothing,
but lots of tourist come in during July to share in the excitement. ;)
And yes, the big lobster is always an attraction.
Kids love to play on the big claws
and have their photo taken with Mr. Fisherman. :)
I thought this little girl admiring the flowers was so cute...
Guess where I've been spending some time? 
We have several beaches around here,
and the above sketch was done in the morning.
I love the beach during the morning or evening.
Too hot for me during the day now,
and crowded with too many tourists.
Another beautiful one (Parlee Beach) 
where I often go for walks during the evenings.
So beautiful, especially when the tide is low.
Even the seagulls are cooling off.
I had to take a picture of this.
When my nephew was about 5 years old (he's over 30 now),
he rarely swam in the ocean  because he said
he didn't like the lettuce. :)
Makes me smile every time I see it now.

A friend got me this book
and i've been sketching like a madwoman
along with drinking wine
because his mom also got me this glass
and i have to use it. 
Because that's what friends do for one another.
 Beautiful clouds...
"Is that thunder I hear"?
dad's dog Fluffy is terrified of thunder. :(
My son works in a Vietnamese restaurant in Shediac
and I wanted to give the owners a little something
because they've been so good to him.
She is from a small coastal village in Vietnam called Sa Dec
so I found a few images on line
that I hoped would bring back fond memories for Binh.
I did 2 small paintings (6" x 6") on canvas...
And in the end, I was happy when my son told me
that they both loved them
and hung them in the restaurant.
A quick little Paul Cézanne watercolor on thick board.
And a few books I got from Amazon
to give me the kick in the ass I need
to take that LAST step towards publishing my book.
Or maybe these books are actually distractions?
Either way, summer has always been a 
"running on empty" kinda season for me.
I sketch a bit and paint a bit
but far less than I do in the fall.
It's a slow motion season.
It's a "do what you want" season.
It's a "pay attention to what's around you" season.
It a gestational period.
But come the fall -
I get a burst of energy like no other time of the year
and I "make something" with everything I gathered in my head
during the hot summer months.

I suspect most artists do the same thing.
I want to post more consistently - like once a week -
and have smaller posts ;)
You shouldn't feel like you're reading a book
when you visit here.
I'll probably aim for Friday posts,
although I'll be leaving myself lots of flexibility
cause I don't do well with rules
or with anything that constrains me.
The minute you say: "don't think of a cow",
you can bet your butt
i'll be thinking of a cow.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
Thanks for visiting here - I appreciate you all.
Now get off the computer
and go outside if you can. :)


  1. What a great variety in this post. I loved it!! My daughter has been living on Canada Dry post nasal surgery. Love your beach sketch and all that you are reading. Love that you made those gorgeous paintings for the restaurant owners what an amazing gesture of love and kindness!! Not surprised that you are big rule breaker, I think the best poets and artists are....mainly to use their power of persuasion and help the world see things in a better, clearer light! Thanks for sharing all this amazing art and thought!! Glad to see you enjoying your summer!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Wonderful sketches and artwork.Since I love reading,I love long and interesting posts like yours.I am amazed at how consistent you are with your art.Surprised that you think that you are taking it slow.If I get even half of this done in a month,I would be incredibly proud of myself.:-).Please do share the review of the books if you get time.Would love to know what they are about/

  3. The heat index is 110F here today, so I hear you about it being hot. I slow down a lot in the summertime, too. The heat makes me so lethargic, and the ac gives me migraines. :/ But, it's good to take a break now and then, so it's probably good for both of us. Summer was invented so we can read lots of books. I'm convinced of that, and you've got a great selection to choose from. :) Have a great summer, Pauline!! It will be Fall before we know it, right?

  4. Love the beach shots and the sketch is my favourite. I like this blogland balance. When I am imprisoned indoors to escape the suffocating heat, you share pictures of cool sandy beaches and perk me up and when you are snowed under, I can send you bloom shots from my back yard:)
    Those Vietnamese canvases are awesome in scene and in spirit.
    Enjoy your summer Pauline. hugs. xx

  5. Wonderful artwork! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Laughed so much reading this post. And loved those paintings you did for the Vietnamese restaurant - what a thoughtful gift, and they are so good! {Of course.} Really glad to hear you're taking time out, enjoying yourself, and percolating away. {When are artists not percolating I wonder?} xxx

  7. Loved the art and the free and easy style of the blog....

  8. Loved the art and the free and easy style of the blog....

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  10. What a wonderful gesture to thank your son's bosses with beautiful art! Lucky son, lucky bosses!

    Your photos and art are so delightful! The beach sketch is my favourite too! I enjoy the diversity of your art and of course, the length of your posts... They are always so thought provoking!

    Even though I have the summer off from work, I too tend to do less art and let ideas simmer. It seems when I am busiest, I get more done... Weird!

    It has been really hot, hot , hot here too.

    Thanks for sharing!