Wednesday, June 10, 2015

because making art is my religion

The only courage that matters
is the kind that gets you
from one moment to the next.
- Mignon McLaughlin
There's nothing like a quick trip to the hospital
to make me happy to come home.
It was nothing serious -
taking a friend who would not be able to drive back.
But seeing people who are sick
always makes me sad
that so many people are suffering.
It also makes me grateful
for being healthy, and at home.
A bit of sketching on tags again...
I love working with the small size...
and adding a touch of color makes it fun, i think.

When i comes to art supplies,
I'm not big of the idea of buying expensive art supplies
because that would limit art
to those who can afford it
and I think that anyone who wants to make art,
should be able to make art.
I don't like anything that caters
to a chosen few (usually the rich)
like golf
or some art galleries.
I treat myself now and then
to a nice tube of Golden paint,
or a beautiful brush...
but I don't think it's NECESSARY
to have expensive materials
to make good art.

You don't need any fancy paper
(although a drawing pad is always nice!)
Start layering things slowly.
I always start the drawing
with a bit of a contour...
then start adding more color...
lighter at first,
and later you'll go over some areas
to give them more depth.
I used a black crayon & blue one at the end,
to highlight some areas.
As you can see,
I didn't draw the bottle
exactly as it is.
If I'd want the exact bottle,
i'd take a photo. :)
It's a rough drawing,
not meant to be exact
(especially not with wax crayons).
The shape isn't perfect,
the perspective isn't perfect,
the lines are exaggerated,
but it doesn't matter
because it's a DRAWING!
Just the act of sitting down
and making this drawing
made me happy.
I wonder sometimes
why it's so important for me
to inspire others to make art.
I almost feel like the Jehovah's Witness
who comes to my door
wanting to save me... ;)
I always respectfully tell them 
that religion has no place in my life.
And of course,
they are only trying to share their joy,
the same way I am trying to share mine
except they're a bit more pushy about it
by coming to my door
and I usually have to say no more than once. ;)
In a funny way,
I almost feel like a jehovah's witness
when i'm trying to convince you
of the importance of art.
It's my way of trying to save you ALL
from the confines of society.
why should it matter to everyone?
I ask myself.
As long as it matters to me.
But it's like someone finding the fountain of youth.
Or the secret to happiness.
Or the path to freedom.
Having found it,  
you want to share it with the world
so that others can feel that same joy.
Art is meditation for me.
It is self discovery.
It is therapy.
It is peace of mind.
It is stress relief.
It is pride.
It is confidence.
It is courage.
It is grounding.
It is clarity.
It is expression.
It is freedom.

That's why I want to share it with you.
That's why I want everyone to connect
with their own creativity -
whether it be in cooking or gardening
or sewing or acting
or writing or singing.
Because it has brought me so much in my life
and who knows?
maybe it could bring you the same.
With everyone and everything
screaming for attention around us these days,
listening to your own voice
and finding your own space to breathe
is more important than ever.


  1. Agreed! Nice art with inexpensive supplies.

  2. Beautifully expressed. Yes, one needs expansive heart not expensive materials to make art. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Wonderful post, i love your little tags, and you certainly don't need expensive supplies if you can make crayons look like that, i don't think i could but i may try soon.

  4. oh, I so love that journalpage..... The expression on her face, the whole mood of the piece, the strong colours... Perfect! I agree with you on art supplies. When we moved to Belgium from Australia, all my supplies were in the container at sea during more than 2 months, and since I wanted to make art I made do with some very cheap brushes and paint and a basic journal. And it was enough..... Although I must admit I was very happy when our things arrived and I could choose between different materials. You don't need to convince me of the importance of art, I'm all with you on that one :-)

  5. I think I need to print this post and hang it on the wall of my art area! I've always used what I have and have never worried about what medium I was using...I started basing my art on "will others like it" and that looses the fun of just creating. It takes the fun away. Your post, your water bottle, your words of wisdom have helped bring me back down to what is important. Thank you!!! Happy PPF, Rasz #69

  6. I feel the exact same way! I am sending this to my friends! Sometimes I feel like I am harping...but it fills you up, especially if you have a propensity to creativity in art form...some love to cook, or write music..whatever your bliss needs to be developed and expressed!! Excellent post you get an triple A for this one! Very powerful!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I so get what you are saying. Art has changed my life My art journey started 2 years ago and I can't believe the change it has made in my life. I love the simplicity of using crayons. I long to be able to draw a water bottle like you have!

  8. Wonderful page and I was thinking just yesterday how happy I am with my 'student' grade paints. With what I do the expensive ones are too colour strong. and who would have thought wax crayons could make such a great picture!!

  9. How I love the greens in this lovely water bottle and your words of passion for art!

  10. Your post is so inspiring, both in words and art. I think I hung of each word! As I was reading though, I kept thinking... yes, isn't this so! Every word! I love your crayon works - beautiful!

  11. Hey Pauline - I'm behind again in reading posts - summer is a busy time!
    Did you know that I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses? Have been my entire life - It is true that we go to people's doors because we want to share our joy - also because Jesus went to the people - we are striving to follow his example - not easy these days for sure. We too see all the suffering and unhappiness around us and want to share good news about the future. Some are more pushy than others though - lol.
    Love your layers on your girl in the water. . .

  12. Gorgeous creations -- beautiful sense of mood in the first piece, and the art supplies look lovely as art -- thank you for visiting from PPF!

  13. Very beautiful! You have an amazing talent. :)

  14. Loved this...looking for inspiration sharing!

  15. Loved this...looking for inspiration sharing!