Monday, November 17, 2014

an anniversary i'd rather forget

Two years ago today,
mom died.
It's always a sad day.
Plus, it's snowing today.
On her last days,
when she knew the end was near,
she wished to at least see the snow
one last time.
She loved the first falling snow,
loved the white snow in the trees,
and she loved Christmas.
She never did get to see the snow again.
So whenever I see the first snowfall now,
it makes me sad.
My brother got this tattoo made...
in honour of mom.
She loved music,
and this song in particular by ABBA,
I have a dream.
She had asked her 12 siblings 
to sing it at her funeral...
They did
and our hearts broke
into a million pieces.
And just yesterday,
I was sorting out some of my old cards
and found this one mom had given me
a few years ago.
I am choosing to honour her memory
by continuing to dream beautiful dreams,
even if it's sometimes hard,
even if i sometimes stand alone,
even if they may never come true...


  1. My dear friend my thoughts are with you , your mom was so special

  2. Been thinking of her a lot this past week! Miss her every day!

  3. Sending peaceful, loving thoughts your way.

  4. You know... I remember reading your blog posts during that sad time and your story is as heartfelt today as it was then. My thoughts are with you, today!

  5. <3 Big hugs to you, Pauline. Days like this are so hard. My mom's been gone 4 never gets easier.

  6. Wow what a beautiful tribute to your mom! It keeps her spirit alive, the music, the tattoo and that beautiful card!! I wonder if she sent you the snow! Keep believing in your dreams...she would be so proud of this post, your art, your writing and your big heart!

    Big Hugs Giggles

  7. It is a beautiful post Pauline, your art has soul and feeling running through it!

  8. hugs to you ....And keep dreaming .... ♥