Sunday, October 26, 2014

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...

Hatred and fear blind us.
We no longer see each other.
We only see the faces of monsters,
and that gives us the courage
to destroy each other.
- Thich Nhat Hanh
I often say that we all want the same thing in life -
to love and be loved.
Based on what I've seen (and read)
in the past week
I may be wrong.
The shooting in the House of Parliament in Ottawa this week 
reminded me that things are not so simple,
and that sadly,
some people want revenge
more than love.
I heard someone say recently
that they just wished people
would stop killing each other.
I wish for the same,
although I know it'll never happen
because of fear
because of religion
because of ego
because of desperation
because of greed
because of anger
because of empty hearts...
I've just finished a book called
written by Amanda Lindhout,
a Canadian journalist
who reported on wars across the world,
who was captured and tortured as a prisoner 
for over a year in war torn Somalia
with her Australian friend & photographer,
Nigel Brennan.
Books like these always remind me of
how fragile we all are.
Of how much we are a product
of our environment.
Of how easy it is to judge others.
Of how unfair things are in the world.
Of how money matters.
Of how hatred is learned.
Of how there are so many things about the world
I don't understand.
While Amanda was a prisoner there,
she learned that one of her captors watched
as his entire family was killed
when he was a young child.
How can someone like that not hate?
It's not impossible to love again - but very difficult.
Amanda was held captive
for over a year - abused and starved.
How can she not hate?
And yet -
she is choosing to forgive
because she knows hatred
would only poison her heart
and the heart of the world.

(the painting is a young Bob Dylan, acrylic on paper)


  1. One of the most powerful posts you have ever written! Every line has a huge story of truth behind it! Along with "because of"....we might add " Mental illness too" Outside of hate and revenge some brains are just not wired right. Because we don't see the damage we assume they are healthy. All so sad, but I'm so proud of how Canadians handled it! I have been curious to read that book but not sure my heart could take it!!
    Love are such amazing artist writer with powerful messages!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Yes Giggles... absolutely. Mental illness could certainly have been added to the list. I agree that some brains just aren't wired right. I also believe that a lot of brains may be ok, but their hearts are not. I was also very proud of how we as a nation handled the whole mess. Such tragedies never make sense. Thank you for visiting Giggles... you're one of my favorites. xx

  2. This is such a thoughtful post. I was moved to tears. My heart and prayers have been with our neighbors--I've always had a soft spot for the Canadians--they are our brothers and sisters. You are a powerful writer, as well as an awesome artist.

    1. Thank you Beth. For the wonderful compliments and for being with us "at heart". I still believe love is the only way. xx

  3. I also just noticed you left a minor chord on his cheek. A powerful touch.

  4. Wow! This is amazing. Your talent abounds. Thank you also for reminding us to let go of petty issues that spoil our days and lives. It is a heartbreak for our Canadian friends to have their innocence stolen by people who don't even realize what they do in the long term to peace of mind.

    1. thank you so much Gloria... your words mean a lot to me. xx

  5. what a wonderful portrait and tribute! Beautiful post.

  6. Incredible post with an incredible message! I only wish and that hope people would just understand and just stop all this! Your art is as powerful as your words :)

    1. Sometimes, the madness is hard to understand, isn't it Deepa? Thank you... xx

  7. Good post in words and images.

  8. wise and inspiring post and beautiful portrait. thank you for sharing.

  9. Your painting is amazing. Thank you for showing its step-by-step development. As a new artist, that is very helpful to me. As a Canadian, I thank you for your very your thoughtful post.
    Blessing hugs,

    1. Teresa, my fellow Canuck! Thank you for the comment and I hope art brings you as many joys as it has brought me. I'll be visiting your blog again soon. xx

  10. Wow....this is just amazing....Peace