Monday, September 15, 2014

Did I miss the memo?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
- Leonardo Da Vinci

I want to live in this house.
Or the one below.
Huge homes don't impress me.
We moved around a lot when I was younger.
My dad was a builder, 
so he'd build - and we'd live in it for a while,
and then he'd sell.
And then he'd build again - bigger,
and we'd live in it for a while,
and then he'd sell again.

The size of a home is so not important to me.
Actually, it is important, in the sense that
I much prefer a smaller home than a big one.

If I won a million dollars,
I would still want to live in a small home.

I think we're so swayed by our surroundings.
Since when are these considered shoes?
Not too far off from Chinese foot binding, if you ask me.
...and since when are these the only legitimate purses
on the planet?

or these bracelets the only jewelry worthy of being worn?

No offense to Pandora bracelet lovers
but i'm not one of them.
I'm not a fan of anything that smells like a fad.

ok, so when I see this face,
I see peace.
Not so with this face...
Sorry Donald, but you're not on my 'favs' list.
I'm weary of anyone who loves money
as much as this guy does.
There really is something to be said
for meditation.
I'm also becoming weary
of many athletes lately -
in particular, NFL players.
Charges of child abuse and spousal abuse
and drug addictions
and violence here & violence there.
Why do we still have these idiots on pedestals?
Wealth or being able to throw a damn ball
shouldn't give anyone such privileges.
But it does, clearly
and it makes me mad and sad and frustrated
that we haven't evolved more.
ok, now that i got that off my chest -
on to more inspiring things!
 acrylic paint on paper
I didn't like this one at all
while I was doing it
adding the dots and a few lines here & there
made it a bit better in the end. 
Still not great. 
But even when i'm painting something I don't like,
it's still time well spent.
It's kind of a meditation, isn't it?
 You know what i'm talking about, right?
 My 1st acrylic painting on wood!
Bought these cute little 4" x 4" wood panels
and i just LOVED the feel of painting on this.
Do any of you out there paint on wood?
I think I may be painting on wood a lot more.
The finished piece,
taken in natural light the next morning. 
a boy and his marbles.
And this fabulous collage by
a new artist i just discovered, 
OMG... love his stuff.
David Fullarton. Check him out.
I feel like this guy today.
Happy week everyone!


  1. Those shoes are wretched! Those and the terrible ones that look like hooves. I had to wear orthopedic shoes as a kid (*shivers* the horror!) and it ASTOUNDS me how many "modern" shoes look like the terrible ones they had on display at the place where they made the shoes. (Again, *shivers*). They literally look identical- strange thick heels and steels bits and fussy straps... When I had to wear those shoes all I wanted was to wear a pair of Nike running shoes, and the day I was finally able to put on a pair of Nikes was heaven for me. I can't imagine willingly going back into Torture Shoes, and whenever I see anyone wearing them it makes me wonder, a little bit... amen to simplicity, and comfort, and peace, and evolution. And self-compassion (comfy shoes for ALL women!)

    1. I so understand & agree with you on the shoes, Chel! I can see how Nike shoes would have felt like little clouds for your feet. ;-) HERE HERE for comfy shoes! ;-)

  2. The boy with the marbles is an excellent piece!!!! Superb!!!
    Loved the simple houses and anyone can for sure see Peace in that face, right!

    1. Thank you Deepa! i really did love doing that painting on wood. Thanks for visiting! xx

  3. We certainly need more peace in this world. I don't understand the mindset of killing for ideology. As for houses, I do like my space to spread out and have a large personal zone. I lived in cramped surroundings with no indoor bathroom as a child, so I value space and having more than one bathroom.
    I love the painting on wood of the boy with the marbles. You have such great talent.

    1. Thank you so much Faye! I totally understand the need for space, especially if you were raised in cramped surroundings as a child. It's funny how our childhoods often shape who we become and what we like or dislike as adults. Keep painting! xx

  4. I love those houses you posted and I hate those bags and shoes too :) Painting on wood is wonderful, I do it all the time. It feels grounding. x

  5. Hello via "Creative everyday". I too love small houses, couldn't feel at home in a big one. Art and awareness practise , as well as meditation, are great resources to find inner peace, and , yes, our poor world needs peace more than ever, so, let's bring our small light in it.
    Your painting of the little boy is gorgeous !! Love your abstract too, lovely colors!
    Best regards.

  6. Hello! Those apology collages by David Fullarton are amazing!! SO funny!
    I would love to live in a tiny totally organized house - I tell my boys that someday I will be living in one in one of their backyards! Scares 'em every time! Seriously though, I picture the inside looking like one of those model homes at IKEA that has everything in such a tiny space - so cool!