Friday, August 1, 2014

it's August - over & out!

hi everyone!
It's summer here in eastern Canada,
and a beautiful one at that.
The beaches are full of tanned bodies.
I've been in a slump lately
and since i believe we can all use a little down time now & then,
i'm taking a break from making art.
Today is the first day of August,
and I'm thinking I'll take all of August
to just float for a while instead of paddle.
To allow myself time away from the studio - guilt free.
without that little voice that says:
you should be blogging
you should draw something
you should write
you should paint...

Whenever the "shoulds" start creeping in,
I put on the brakes.
Whenever I start to feel like writing or making art is a chore -
it's time for a change or at least a break.
Pressured art = bad art.
At least for me it does.
I understand my creative cycle by now,
so it's easier to accept it.
Earlier in my career as a designer,
and then later as an artist,
whenever I'd hit a creative slump,
I remember feeling 
that maybe the well had gone dry.
Maybe I had no more ideas.
Maybe i'd never write anything
that made sense anymore.
Maybe I was done as an artist.
 I'm wiser than that now.
Art cannot be forced.
I love this quote by Paul C├ęzanne:
A work of art which did not begin in emotion
is not art.
Sometimes, we just need breathing space
& to give ourselves permission to say
"I'll do it when my heart feels like it".
Sometimes, we just need a change of focus.
A change of scenery.
So I've decided to do this: Susannah Conway's AUGUST BREAK.
A different perspective.
A new way of seeing the world...
I love how relaxed this whole thing is.
I suck at commitment,
so this is just perfect for me.
Snap a picture every day - or once a week - 
whatever your little heart desires.
Share it on Instagram - or not - whatever you want.
Post it on a blog - or not - it's up to you.
This is my kind of monthly challenge. ;-)
Absolutely commitment free.
It's a wonder i've ever accomplished anything in my life.
(I have!)
I'm starting to think
that perhaps we accomplish more
when we apply less pressure...
So there you have it.
I may end up posting again in 3 days,
or I may not.
If i disappear for a while,
please know that I haven't deserted you
and i'll be back when my muse calls again.
When I have something
that is worth sharing,
i'll share.
In the meantime, i'll be giving my heart and head
the space they need
to make stuff worth making.

Wishing you ALL a wonderful August...
Thanks for being here.


  1. The beach is so inviting...that lil doggy looks so cute...your art looks fab with gorgeous colors and the jar is an absolute hit!!! :)
    Love your post! Off to check the challenge :)

  2. Wise words my friend....I agree it's hard to force it! I feel the muse is on a much needed holiday too! I always notice artists come back with a new frame of mind which often takes them in a new direction! These are great pieces... that beach is so inviting...enjoy while you can!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Pauline, I love your drawings and your paintings. Go enjoy the summer. We will still be here in September or October.

  4. What a wonderful painting! What a lovely drawing. What a privilege to be able to come here and see them. Wow!

  5. Your art is always a treat, so keep on enjoying it when the desire comes along, otherwise your month of August bliss sounds wonderful, just going with the flow and slowing down, no pressures, good for you my friend, enjoy!

  6. Great photos of the beach. Your art feels like summer.

  7. I am very late for PPF visits this week, but finally getting there... but I do get to see your adorable dog, a fab beach and your amazing painting and drawing so i am glad I am getting there... the whole take a break thing is a great idea... i took 10 days off when we went to the beach recently and came home renewed and excited... I am sure you will be wowing us with your awesomeness again soon...xx

  8. I must be in the same place - just now reading your post - a week later. Enjoying the summer but it is FLYING by!! LOVE that candy jar - amazing sketching!

  9. I hope you spend a lot of time at that beach relaxing and collecting your thoughts and finding inspiration! It is great to see your process with your painting, the strokes are so free flowing and fun. Your jar is incredible!

    Summer is a time to go with the flow! Enjoy it while it lasts!

  10. When I read your latest post, I felt an immediate connection with you (you sounded like the voice in my head) and after reading this one, I feel like I've found my blogger soul mate. I hope I don't scare you away with that admission, but your words ring so true to me. Yes, it's the 'shoulds' that blight me, too. And I hope I can make the rest of my year an 'August'- do what my heart desires. Thank you Pauline. xx