Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sister Golden Hair, naked & free!

hello Munchkins!
I've been wanting to post now for days
but always seem to get distracted by one thing or another.
(sound familiar?)
Dramatic skies the night of the funeral
for the 3 slain RCMP officers in Moncton...
When something like this happens so close to home,
it always makes me think about those places in the world
that are in constant conflict.
Places where people kill one another 
like it was a sport.
Hard to understand the world sometimes...
But life goes on...
A happy apple tree!
not sure i'm done with it yet.
I'll most likely be adding something to it.
Probably dots.
I did this a few nights ago,
with the intention of doing a collage of words.
Then out of the blue,
was inspired to draw this...
thinking I would somehow tie in the words later
But then it became all about the illustration
and less about the words.
So i resigned myself to the fact that Sister Golden Hair
wanted all the space to herself.
 So i let her.
 It was so much fun doing this.
 (photo taken in natural light, the next morning)
It always amazes me how we can have one intention in the beginning,
and then the piece takes on a life of its own.
They say it's the same with writing.
Speaking of which,
I've been working feverishly on my book.
Well, ok, maybe feverishly is a strong word.
If i get any fever at this time of the year,
it's caused by too much sun. ;-)
Happy Wednesday everyone! 

For all the hippies out there...
Sister Golden Hair. 


  1. Glad to hear you are working on your your sister golden hair. I often think of those countries in unrest and feel deeply. It's probably why peace is so important to me! So nice to see you enjoying your creativity!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. yes girlfriend, i AM working on the book... sometimes painfully slow, but better slow than not at all, right? I'll let you know when it hits the shelves. ;-)

  2. She is so free and light, such a beautiful piece dear friend! Soothing and peaceful!

    1. thank you Kat... i'll be visiting you soon. xx

  3. Hi,
    Cool artwork, You are invited to share your work with my new meme, Feline Art Friday, It doesn't have to be feline related:

  4. Very sad about the RCMP being killed and yes, it seems so senseless that human life can be taken so easily and looked upon as the norm in some countries. :(

    Your apple tree feels happy! It makes me think of the apple tree that Aaron painted on my studio jeans pocket some years back. I always smile when I see those jeans and, one day, I hope to actually fit into them again. lol

    I love how your Sister Golden Hair piece just took on a life of it's own far from the intended idea. Soul creativity in action.

    As always, a wonderful post, Pauline.....I'm keen to hear more about your book. xo

    1. thank you so much Serena. i'll be visiting you soon. (my son graduates tomorrow, so VERY little time to myself these days!) Wishing you a great weekend! xx

  5. So wonderful that your sister golden hair got all the space on this canvas. She deserves it, she looks so happy and gorgeous :-)

    1. Merci Denthe! Yes, i liked her too... have a great weekend! xx

  6. Yes to the change of direction! Happens frequently for me. And even if you're working on the book with more of a mild temperature than a full on fever, that's better than not doing it at all. ;)

    1. Yes T!! i've noticed the same thing often happens with your artwork (i.e. change in direction). it's all about adjusting, isn't it? ;-) happy weekend girl! xx