Wednesday, February 5, 2014

inspired by the moon & stars... and by these people.

hello everyone!
No art of my own to share,
so i thought i'd share a few
of my inspirations.

Andy J. Miller
His work always makes me smile.
You can find him here.
Carla Sonheim
Her Silly Drawing class was my first on-line class
and it was so much fun.
Her class was a wonderful reminder
that we all take ourselves (and drawing!) far too seriously sometimes.
Check out these fun drawings from her book,
Drawing Lab
Have you ever seen a cuter elephant?
Create a little clay animal and draw him.
love how she focuses on the fun of drawing
and not on drawing a perfect anything.
look at all these fun little pen portraits
and below, the colorful portraits!
Our personalities are all so different,
why would our ART all be the same?
Don't you love this variety?
Her book has great drawing techniques 
that are anything but boring.
These little creatures were made from sidewalk cracks.
Yup, tracing sidewalk cracks
and then finding little animals in them somewhere...

imagination at its best. 
Drawing should never be boring
so i loved Carla's class.
You can find her here.

Need i say anything else about this man?
Danny Gregory.
The fucking king of sketchbooks.

Well, i will say that he's hosting
the Sketchbook Skool this spring
and i'm in!
(are you?!)
You can find out all about it here.
Check it out.
Watch the video.
Join in the fun.

Another favorite of mine:
Lynne Hoppe.
Love this girl's art & imagination.
You can find her and her lovely creations here.
i love how fragile, soft and strong
her paintings are - all at the same time.

Judy Wise
Aaahhh... so much inspiration here.
Beautiful artwork, journal pages, photos, you name it.
Feel the love.
Find her and her work here.

Lisa Congdon
These simple little illustrations and words
say so much, don't they?
Things like this always find their way
to my heart
more than a high priced piece of framed art.
You can find Lisa's work here.
and if you need more inspiration,
here's a list of questions by the UBER talented & happy soul
Alexandra Franzen
that could help kick you and your life into high gear.
Find the list here
and let yourself fly.
No pressure.
There's pressure enough in the world
without imposing it on ourselves, right?
Have fun with this.
It's not a fucking exam, it's inspiration.

i hope you find the time
to visit some of these
and that you like what you see.
i'll share more later.

But for now, dreamland is calling me...

oh, almost forgot.
For those who are interested in figure drawing
but can't make it to a live class,
check out this website.
You can pick what you want to draw
and set your own time limit.
Remember, you're not looking for perfection
(especially if you're doing a standard 30 sec drawing!)
you're practicing your skills!

Besides, you are ALL artists already.
Some of you just don't know it yet.  ;-)
nighty night, Munchkins.


  1. YUP - the people that inspire you are very inspiring indeed! I'm so tempted to take the Sketchbook Skool - but I'm terrible about taking classes and not finishing all the homework or videos and we only get two extra weeks to finish watching them. Probably I'll watch all that you do and kick myself for not taking the class at the same time. . .

  2. Great list ... and yeah I heard about the Sketchbook Skool through one of the instructors, Koosje Koene because I subscribe to her youtube videos. I am still thinking about it. There are a couple classes that I am interested as well. Know either one of them? or

  3. Thanks for the pointers and inspiration, Pauline! I've signed up for Sketchbook Skool to "kick" myself back to drawing again. See you in class! :-)

  4. So inspirational all of these people....only a few I haven't heard of so thank you for the hook up!! As always you bring happiness to the blog world!

    Hugs Giggles