Tuesday, December 4, 2012

memories in scraps of paper...

hello friends...

my blue room is a mess these days...

I cleaned part of the kitchen today
and found several notes and numbers 
from mom's stay at the hospital.

I hesitated to throw them out.

You'd think i'd want to rid myself of these memories
but i don't do well with shoving things under the rug.

So like most artists,
i made a collage with them.

When the time comes to sort out mom's things,
I know i'll find a lot of handwritten notes
and i suspect i'll be doing something with some of them
in my journal or on canvas.

yes, my mother tongue is french...
Yay!! Bring out the balloons!! ;-)

The nurses and doctors in palliative care 
had the kindest
most compassionate hearts...

Mom wanted to be a nurse...
she had the same giving, compassionate, kind heart.

Actually, she cared for so many people in her life,
she kinda was a nurse, even if unofficially.

Maybe the nurses and doctors recognized her
as one of their own
and gave her the royal treatment.

Maybe Karma really does exist
and she was being rewarded somehow
for good behaviour. 

i'm just grateful they took such good care of her.

And this afternoon, I had a wonderful surprise in the mail.

I bought this book a short while ago,
and had actually forgotten about it.

It came in the mail today,
and made me smile.

By Rachel Awes...
at all I did was listen.

Such a beautiful book,
filled with wise insights on life
and wonderfully colourful illustrations

like this one...

and this...

And who doesn't love a personally handwritten note?

Wishing you all a wonderful week
with star filled skies.
(cause stars are awesome!!)


  1. I have found, like you, that sticking reminders of my hospital stays in a journal somehow helps - and always I seem to have managed to scribble a drawing or two of some kind while there to add to it.
    It's such a nice way for you to remember the kindness of the staff.
    That looks such an interesting book and the illustrations so clean and clear on the page.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your Mom with your collage ~ lots of healing hugs coming your way ~ ( A Creative Harbor) artmusedog and Carol ^_^

  3. Love the tribute to your Mom.

    I won a print from Rachel Awes a couple of years ago and am still treasuring it. I think I should look for this book.


  4. Hello Pauline, it's great to collage, especially things that matter or that are close to your heart. You've gone through so much lately, it will be good to sit and reflect and glue, cut and color, so very therapeutic! Best wishes your way! xx

  5. I have kept little mementoes from hospital stays etc....nowadays, they end up in my journal too.

    What a lovely book! xx

  6. What a wonderful idea to use all those little things in a collage so you will capture those memories forever. Your mother sounds special and wonderful.

    The book looks sweet and uplifting! :)

  7. Sweet... such a thoughtful idea! :]
    Treasure the love, my friend. ~xx

  8. Collaging your notes into art is absolutely the right/perfect thing to do! A testament to how important and loved your mother was and continues to be for you. . .

  9. It's amazing how little things can bring such wonderful memories, yet other grander things leave no lasting impression.
    Love the collage, a beautiful memory page. x

  10. I keep notes and little memories of things too - not always good memories - but I keep them anyway! I should do as you suggest - turn them into an artwork - or at least photograph them...
    I like the way you use bright colours in geometric shapes overlaid with freer lines and patterns.

  11. I have no idea how I missed your last three posts, you're on my side bar...I'm here now. Sounds like our mothers both got the care they deserved for all they were to the world. Palliative care in the west was also a very loving and comforting place with amazing nurses. Not only did they understand my moms needs they understood mine too! A bitter sweet experience to be sure!

    A colorful way to store your moms numbers!

    Hugs Giggles