Tuesday, August 9, 2011

random blue

Life has been a little busier than normal these past few weeks and I've had little time to post anything. This 'random blue' piece is another painting i did during the DO WHAT YOU LOVE course. Things should slowly be returning back to normal in the next weeks, so i should be posting a little more regularly.

When i first began this blog, my only intention was to 'put myself out there'. To share my work with the world. Or with the 5 or 6 people who may be interested. :o)  Actually, the primary focus was to get myself comfortable with having my work out there. It's one thing to share a painting with a friend, but that almost always guarantees a positive comment - and life is not always so gentle. Fear of criticism or just fear of sharing too much is often what keeps us from daring to take a step. And let's face it - some of us aren't as comfortable as others to toot our own horns. But the blog for me is more about connecting with others. If i get such joy out of painting, maybe someone will get joy out of seeing the painting? A poet or a songwriter writes to express a feeling or an experience - to get it on paper - and then to share with others in the chance that he (or she) will connect & perhaps feel less alone. Same thing for a painting. At least for me it is.


  1. I'm glad you have this blog! :D I love seeing your art, it inspires me!!!

  2. And I love this painting, by the way!!! It has such a positive vibe in it, and it reminds me of a happy, candy-cane forest!!! :D :D :D