Monday, April 4, 2011

vibrant aura

I really didn't like this one when i first started it last night in my cozy little blue room. The marker sketching in this one turned out pretty bad, so I figured I'd cover some of it with paint. In this case, a lot of paint. :o) But whether it's the bright colors, or the subject matter... it's kinda growing on me. Most of my painting is done in the blue room, where i simply leave everything out when I'm done. I think that's the key to creating. Having your own little sanctuary somewhere in the home. My own secluded space. It doesn't need to be a huge space - it only needs to be yours. So some mornings when I get up, after a few hours of painting the night before, I shuffle into my blue room & take a peek at my journal. Sometimes, I wonder what it all means, but most times, it just gives me a sense of fulfillment and makes me smile. 

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